Wuhan good | harmony has never mixed mouth, “qiaokou 7 sisters-in-law” love as sisters

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Seven sisters-in-law have lived together for more than 20 years on Hanshuiqiao Street in Wuhan’s qiaokou district. They used to walk in and out of the same gate and eat out of a pot, all the while being friendly.After the demolition and transformation of the house, they live in a new home, but between the sister-in-law but not because of the distance and estrangement, often run their own get-together, together to the old university study, travel together to take photos, still as close as a family.There were seven sisters-in-law in our family. The oldest was 80 years old and now dead, the youngest 57. They were all retired and their grandchildren were in school.The sisters-in-law were never flushed, quarrelled, or quarrelled.Since the demolition, we have been separated, but we often meet, help each other, appreciate each other, like sisters.We are very lucky to have a daughter-in-law in the same family.”Fang Xiaoling, wife of the fifth of the seven brothers, told Jimu News.Before the relocation, we all lived together in a private house, together for more than 20 years, brothers and sisters-in-law unity and harmony, is a happy family.Every night after dinner, the whole family, young and old, more than 20 people sit around the father-in-law and mother-in-law, we talk about national affairs, family trifles, talk about their work and study that day, the children play together, is really happy.In 1995, the second Yangtze River Bridge was opened to traffic. The whole family got together to witness the historic moment.In the early years, several sisters-in-law often took their children to Zhongshan Park and Jiefang Park.In 2009, when the old private house was facing demolition, the seven small families made an appointment to sit down and talk about their attitudes and ideas about demolition, and put forward suggestions according to the actual situation.At the time, the neighborhood estimated that with such a large family, there would probably be disputes over the division of property.As a result, after only one or two family meetings, the brothers smoothly divided up the demolition property.CAI Lili, wife of the sixth of the seven brothers, looks proud as she describes the incident.After the demolition of the old house in 2012, several families had to live in different places, but they were still closely connected.Every Chinese New Year, a family of 20 or 30 people will get together.During the Spring Festival before the epidemic, families would also hold family gatherings. From planning, rehearsals, performances to taking photos, each family would cooperate. For example, each family would act in a show, and the older grandchildren would act as the host.Program types are also diverse: model shows, poetry recitation, singing and playing the piano, magic…A big family is happy.Zhang Baohua, wife of the seventh of the seven brothers, said with a smile that now they not only often hold family gatherings, sometimes they also often go to Wuhan Jiangtan, Hanjiang Jiangtan, Garden Expo park, Hankou Li, Panlong City ruins park, etc., to play leisure, mobile phone will not be punched in the photo.Now the eldest of the sisters-in-law is dead, the four eldest of the seven brothers are no longer alive, the second and third sisters-in-law are in their 80s, and the fourth sister-in-law is a little older and her eyes are failing.But they still help and tolerate each other.The three younger sisters-in-law moved closer and encouraged each other to join the college for the Aged.There is no generation gap between the sister-in-law and the younger generation Fang Xiaoling told reporters that he entered the elderly university to learn dance, computer and other courses for more than 8 years.From the initial understanding of the keyboard, to the present image processing special effects class, I learned to operate the computer to make registration photos, using PS software to synthesize a picture of multiple materials.There are three sisters-in-law who go to the old university.Although they have retired, catching up with the trend and advancing with The Times is their common wish.The atmosphere of harmonious living and exchange of learning is also transmitted between the upper and lower generations.Usually, when sisters-in-law encounter problems such as video clips that they don’t understand, sister-in-law’s daughter-in-law Wang Xizhi will teach them hand in hand.Get together, network hot words, entertainment news from time to time from their mouth jump out, children and grandchildren like what, sisters-in-law how much contact, even played, no generation gap.When referring to the happiness of the big family, the secret of harmony between the sisters-in-law, Fang Xiaoling thinks that the sisters-in-law help each other, appreciate each other, and get along equally is the most basic.”The home is the Courier station of the soul. As long as the small cells of our family are healthy, the larger body of society can develop healthily.Fang xiaoling said.(Extreme news reporter Hu Changxing intern Yuan Yue Wang Shuo Kai Correspondent Zhan Ou Gong Yulu)