Stock up on 5 kinds of nuts and 5 kinds of fruit for Chinese New Year

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As the saying goes, “the world fireworks gas, the most touching people,” especially when the pace of the New Year is getting closer and closer, thick flavor of the year let a person feel the warmth of the home and lively.Looking at the streets and lanes of people coming and going to purchase, listening to the speakers of major supermarkets came the voice of discount promotion, it seems that the year is in front of us, we have to start to buy goods.Spring Festival goods are multifarious, rice, noodles and oil indispensable;Drink and melon seeds can not be less.How should we choose the Spring Festival goods?We must choose New Year goods according to their own economic situation, family taste, storage tolerance to arrange.Put aside firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, let’s see which fruits and snacks are better prepared.Mama Bao recommends five fruits and five nuts to give away, entertain or eat at home, which are cheap, delicious and have a good meaning.Chinese New Year is all about luck, so you can refer to the 10 ingredients I said.Oranges As we all know, oranges are in season in winter.It smells delicious, has plenty of water and tastes sweet and sour.The orange is a symbol of success, sincerity, and wealth. Who doesn’t want that?Hoarding a few oranges to put in the home is beautiful and delicious, but also a good meaning, why not?In addition, oranges are rich in vitamin C, carotene, calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements, which are also good for human health.Oranges can also be used as offerings during ancestor worship during the Spring Festival, which is cheaper than offering big fish and meat.The second: pomelo pomelo whole body is treasure, buy it is a very wise behavior.Grapefruit skin and pulp can be made into honey grapefruit tea, the middle white can be made into soft candy, can also be used as a mask, as a deodorant.Pomelo homophonic is bless children, bless children, protect children safe and healthy implication.As elders, the children are their own care, buy a few pomelos back can be snacks to eat and protect the implied meaning of children, of course, can not miss.Pomelo more durable storage, buy more than once is not afraid.Its quantity of heat is not high, rich in vitamin C, carotene, minerals, etc., have “natural canned” said.How should we choose grapefruit?Mama bao shares a few tips to pick a right one.For pomelos of the same size, we choose heavier ones.Heavier pomelos show enough moisture and taste good.② Look at the top of the pomelo, the top flat round is better than the top pointed.Flat round pomelo maturity is high, sharp may not be ripe enough to pick down.③ Touch the pomelo skin, thin but firm skin can be considered purchase.Thick skin, soft to the touch is best not to buy.It is old and not hydrated enough.As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away from me.” At ordinary times, we will buy a little apple to eat, and we can’t lose it for Chinese New Year.It has the meaning of “safe, healthy and long life”, and it tastes crisp and juicy, fresh and sweet.Apple can also be used as a tribute to ancestors during the Spring Festival, and can also be used to send people to entertain guests.Apples are also a durable fruit that will last up to half a month in the shade.Apples are delicious, how do we choose?Follow my lead. They’re all crispy, sweet and juicy.① We first look at the appearance of the apple, no black spots, damage, broken skin, wrinkled skin, etc., this is the first step.(2) Smell the smell, the long-aged apple will have a smell of alcohol, taste bad.The same size apples, pick a little heavier to buy, water enough.④ Look at the surface texture of the apple, the texture is evenly distributed, clear, such an apple is sweeter.The fourth: pear pear homophonic from, so we can not give others to eat, their own people eat, so the implication is not separated, always together.Pear has “natural mineral water” say, winter climate is dry, want to eat a few more water enough food so, pear is one of them.We can eat pears directly, steam them, stew them and so on.How to buy pears?Look at bao Ma’s tips, very practical.① When buying pears, pick a heavier pear of the same size and have enough water.② We see the pear stamens, cost-effective is a small circle is the mother pear, juice enough, high sweetness.On the contrary, it is a male pear, which tastes bad.(3) gently pinch the pear, feel tight and full of water enough, if there are soft signs do not buy.The 5th kind: grape the price of grape when Chinese New Year is a bit small expensive, can see economic situation and decide.Grapes have the meaning of “prosperous population, more children and more happiness”, which can be given to people and placed on the offering table.Grapes don’t last very long, so when you buy them and hang them in a cool place, they’ll keep for about a week.When we pick grapes, we can pick the bottom one and taste it. If it’s sweet, the whole bunch will taste good.It is often said that “shape complements shape”, and walnuts have become people’s first choice.It is also rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, carotene and other nutrients, which can be eaten directly, used to make snacks, and can be made into soybean milk.Serving walnuts to guests also looks good and makes them feel more valued.Recommended recipe: walnut peanut black rice soy milk ingredients: 1 peanut, 6 walnuts, 1 black rice ① We put the peanuts, walnuts, black rice in advance into the water for 2-4 hours, after washing clean into the wall breaking machine.② Add water to the wall breaking machine, and the amount of water depends on the volume of the wall breaking machine and the number of people at home.③ Close the lid, select the soya-milk key, and start the wall breaking machine.④ After the wall breaking machine stops working, open the lid and pour it into the bowl to drink.Broad beans are also a very common ingredient. They taste crispy and symbolize a more prosperous day.Silkworm homophonic winding, a symbol of sweet permanent love.If you give broad beans to a friend, it means that the friendship will last forever.How to eat broad beans, fresh can be steamed, stir-fried.Older broad beans can be beaten in soy milk, fried or fried.Especially fried broad beans, with a glass of wine do not have a taste.The third kind: Chinese chestnut Chinese chestnut has the laudatory name of “king of thousands of fruits”, is one of the earliest famous nuts that our country eats.Its meat fine honey, sweet and delicious, loved by the public.Eating chestnuts during the Spring Festival means “going smoothly and benefiting”.Chestnut through “li zi”, indicating that it is good for future generations.Chestnut how to eat it, boiled to eat, fried to eat, fried to eat and so on.I suggest you roast chicken with chestnuts, because chicken has a good meaning, the two collocation, good meaning double.Recommended recipe: Chestnut braised chicken wings Ingredients: chestnut 300 grams, half a chicken, ginger, garlic, cooking wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, onion, salt, cooking oil ① We chop the chicken into small pieces of soak in water, rub clean, and then pour into the pot blanching.Remember to add wine, onion knot, ginger to the fishy.When there is a lot of foam on the surface of the pan, remove it and rinse it with warm water.② Cut the chestnut tail with a knife, and then put it into the pot.Add 1 pinch of salt and water.Bring to a boil over high heat, cook for another 3 minutes or so, remove the chestnuts, let cool a little and peel the shells.③ Heat the wok with cold oil, add the chicken pieces and stir-fry them quickly for a while.When frying the water on the chicken, add cooking wine, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce, stir-fry them evenly and stew for 2 minutes.④ Add boiling water to chicken pieces, boil them in high fire and change to small fire for braising.⑤ When the pot is half full, pour in the chestnuts, add salt to taste, continue to stew for a while, sprinkle some scallions to eat.The fourth: Sinian wood sinian wood is a kind of food with very high nutritional value, it is called “the king of dried fruit” “western treasures”.It is rich in fat, protein, vitamins, amino acids, copper, calcium and other minerals.In our life, we are in contact with the basic wood is fried, direct consumption can be.There is no cause unimpeded, auspicious meaning, so the appropriate store a little Batan diagram auspicious.It is best to choose the packaged wood that is recently produced.There is no chance of moisture return in bulk. It is not brittle enough.When bought, the wood can be sealed and stored for a long time.Cashew nuts cashew nuts are also one of the common nuts, especially delicious to eat.Cashews have a fat purse, which means a pocket is full of money.Chinese New Year store goods can be appropriate to store a little cashew nuts, a lucky figure.The cashews we touch are ripe and ready to eat.If we accidentally let the cashew back, we can put it into the pot stir-fry, or use it to fry celery and lily to eat, not waste a bit.Conclusion: The year is getting closer and closer, don’t forget to prepare 5 kinds of fruits and 5 kinds of nuts when storing goods for the New Year, which is rich in nutrition and good meaning.I am baoma private room 7788, an office worker like cooking.Every day around the stove, POTS and pans and work, tired and happy.I will try my best to share my family’s three meals and four seasons, so as to provide reference for everyone and record my lost youth. Meanwhile, I look forward to communicating with you.# Share a New Life # Winter Food Season #