Orange Advertorials: How does the tourism industry get visitors through advertorial marketing

2022-05-26 0 By

With people’s enthusiasm for tourism, tourism-related enterprises have developed and the competition is becoming more and more fierce.As an ordinary travel company, if you do not do a good job of network marketing, it is easy to be eliminated by such a competitive industry!So how do we carry out network marketing?Press release marketing is a good choice!The soft placement of advertising marketing subtly pushes our enterprise information to relevant consumers, thus draining and exposing our tourism industry!So how do you do this effectively?Content matters!Many times, editors will feel that the purpose of tourism industry advertising is to promote tourism, tourism advertising, but because of the utilitarian color is too serious, the advertising significance of tourism industry advertising is also very strong, will scare away readers.Therefore, tourism advertorials writers need to start from consumers, find out how consumers like to read the editorial, the content they need, and combine the content with consumers as the core, so as to write high-quality tourism advertising.2. Targeting a targeted audience Travel advertising is not for everyone, although the travel industry wants as many people as possible.However, it is not that the bigger the network is, the more it will gain, but that it will ignore one after another and miss its real potential users.The spokesman should combine his own investigation, determine the audience group, put the information on these effective groups, so that the advertorials in a relatively short time to quickly achieve the effect of dissemination.For example, a reader who only wants to play in his own country will not pay attention to articles written by editorial writers if the advertorial writers only write about other countries.For a tourist attractions, it must have its own characteristics, and this feature must be reflected in the soft text, so as to show the most essential things to the reader, and this is the most important thing to move the reader.When writing the characteristics of tourist attractions, advertorials writers also do not forget to mention some surrounding characteristics, such as the folk customs around the scenic area, surrounding characteristic snacks, surrounding special dishes and so on, so as to more stimulate the desire of readers to go and go on the trip.When writing travel notes, writers of tourism advertorials also need to clarify their writing style, no matter in the form of travel notes or news.Travel advertorial writers need to carefully analyze what readers really like.Don’t assume that any kind of information can be transmitted.Even if spread out, will be drowned in the ocean of information, there is no real promotion effect.Generally speaking, in order to achieve better communication effect, the tourism industry advertorials need to systematically study the needs of readers, grasp the appetite of readers, so as to attract the attention and reading of many readers.