High morale spectrum new chapter!Boshan Public Security Bureau held a national flag-raising ceremony and security pledge ceremony for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

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On the morning of February 4, boshan Public Security Bureau held a national flag-raising ceremony and security pledge ceremony for the Winter Olympic Games.Boshan District deputy district chief, Boshan Public Security sub-bureau party secretary, director Song Bin, bureau leaders, the office building units responsible for comrades, police representatives a total of more than 60 people to participate in the activity.At the beginning of spring, snow begins to fall.All the police dressed in formal dress, standing in order, the flag guard heroic posture, sonorous pace, all the police sing the national anthem, facing the rising five-star red flag solemn salute.Comrade Song Bin delivers a speech under the national flag.He pointed out that during the Spring Festival, the police and auxiliary police of the branch stick to their posts and make selfless dedication to build a security barrier for family reunion. Today is the first day of work, on behalf of the Party Committee of the branch, to pay New Year’s greetings to all the comrades and express heartfelt thanks and high respect to all the police and auxiliary police!Comrade Song Bin stressed that the Spring Festival security is not over yet, the winter Olympics security decisive battle officially started tonight.All civilian police, auxiliary police be firm ideal faith, enhancing political loyalty, strictly in accordance with the superior arrangement deployment earnestly, fully implement the “six” resolutely prevent and goals and tasks of the “three guarantees”, determined to win the games and even the two security to be completed, for the second half of the party’s great victory at 20 create favorable conditions for the safe and stable peace boshan ship.Comrade Song Bin required that a year’s plan should be made in the spring. A good plan should be made, a schedule should be listed, and the plan should be carried out conscientiously and conscientiously.Each unit is responsible for the comrades to shoulder the mission, take on the action, immediately do, solid work, lead all the police, auxiliary police planning good start, firm good pace, in the New Year to achieve better results, promote the work of the branch and the big family to a new level, boshan public security to make new achievements!After the oath ceremony, all units of the sub-bureau immediately entered the working state, full of energy, all police went to their posts, and opened the security escort mode of the Winter Olympic Games.Duty editor: Song Ce Boshan Public Security New media Matrix today toutiao