Douro mainland, tang three after the rebirth of the three gods, who knows where to go?

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If TangJiaSanShao dou luo continent has written in the tang dynasty three to find little dance step of reincarnation, we also from the ever hide to see in the quilt of the novel teenager to today’s parents, dou luo wrote a another, story plot is also more and more bizarre, as the king of gods wife’s little dance as the body of the old disease outbreak died away,Tang three reincarnation together in order to find little dance with her, this is a story of fifth dou luo continent but tang three as the god king’s top of the strong, although rebirth the past knowledge and god knowledge power is still his strongest card, it is can be reborn following came to the new world, it is tang after three reincarnation of the most powerful position,Then let’s look at what Tang SAN lost after the reincarnation, that is, as the king of god himself carried three sacred vessels, Shura blood sword, trident and trident of Neptune wings.Shura blood jian is the most powerful weapon a tang three as the king of gods, in tang dynasty three was certainly, fight with the snow, bibi towering east tang three is because hold super artifact shura blood jian exceeds the defeated than east and towering snow, then came to the divine, fix the power of god is tang three against of choice of divine law enforcement is, after all, god on behalf of the force,However, with the reincarnation of Tang SAN, the power of shura Blood sword was also sealed.Estimates will have to wait until the emergence of the next generation of fix god can see the sea the trident is tang three sea ghost of weapons, is also the most frequently used tang three arms, once a god is a sea tang three to get the first strand of god, then as tang three power more and more strong, and snatching a god of the sea level of the science of uniting the god king,Once the artifact Poseidon trident also became a super artifact, but tang three in his son was sent to luo, already gave the son super artifact Poseidon trident tang dance scholar, so the future is likely to once again back to tang three wings of the triton’s predecessor is attached to the outside soul bone spear, the eight over follow tang three the long weapons,Once at the time of tang three remains weak and not show potential to become artifact, just because of the particularity and the effect of bi make people feel special, but tang three absorbed three face the magic power of spider, spear is finally revealed to the eight over his powerful, after get the power of the sea, the eight over wings of spear evolved into sea,Even in the tang dynasty after three absorbs the power of the universe chaos, wings of sea again evolved into super artifact, as has been seal in tang three weapons in the body, the small make up think probably eight over spear also followed the tang three reincarnation together, the future will be in blue continent reveal turneth the edge of their ow you think small say?Welcome to leave a comment to share, I am the boss of light novel Cheng, follow me, we will see you next time ~