Chongqing food capital of Xinjiang food

2022-05-26 0 By

Chongqing is a city of food, and the food here is also gathered together.Today I will introduce you some very good xinjiang food, if you like, you can go there and try it.Loulan Xinjiang theme restaurant is also one of the best in Xinjiang cuisine, and there will be a long queue for dinner.These dishes are authentic. There are big pan chicken, pilaf rice and mutton chops.Smoke afanti restaurant the restaurant decoration environment quite kashgar ancient style, rich Xinjiang flavor.The chili chicken and roast meat here are very delicious. You must try them.In a snack street in Mientiane City, there is a restaurant with Xinjiang flavor. Big pan chicken and sliao are all authentic.Beijiang Hotel This is a very distinctive restaurant, the door is full of people.These dishes are authentic. You can try them if you want.The decoration of this shop is very grand and the environment is very good.The noodles and all kinds of noodles are very good here