China’s first winter Olympics snowboarding medal was won by Taiyuan’s Su Yiming, who finished second

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Su Yiming celebrates after the match in Beijing, Feb 7, 2018.Su Yiming of Taiyuan, Shanxi won the silver medal with 88.70 points in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 7.A total of 12 competitors participated in the final, each competitor after 3 rounds of skating, the best results of 3 rounds of ranking.In the second round of skating, Su yiming completed the “1800 degree turn”, the most difficult movement of the whole course, and got 88.70 points.With this round of results, Su yiming finally ranked second, Canada’s Parrott with 90.96 points won the championship.This is the first time for China to win an Olympic medal in this event, and also the first winter Olympic medal in the history of Shanxi and Taiyuan.Su yiming, born in 2004, is a snowboarder co-trained by taiyuan and the Shanxi Snow and Ice Sports Center.On February 14, Su yiming will again compete in the men’s snowboard grand jump qualification at the Shougang Ski Grand Jump in Beijing, where he has a good chance of reaching the final and continuing to win MEDALS.The grand platform final will be held on February 15.(Yang Erxin) Taiyuan Daily