Bone conduction Headphones are the best bone conduction headphones to use in 2022

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For exercise lovers, listening to music during their repetitions can make them more enjoyable.What kind of headphones are better for sports?Bone conduction earphone is undoubtedly a product specially designed for sports. It is convenient and comfortable to wear. The open listening design can keep the feedback with the external environment all the time during the use, and the safety is very good.So which kind of bone conduction earphone is the most worth buying, now I recommend a few for you.1. South Carolina Runner Pro3 Bone conduction headphonesImprove all aspects of performance without missing, bone conduction products, benchmarking best recommended as a senior evaluation blogger, I can tell you that is in charge of the bone conduction NANK south Carolina is a true can protect the hearing of bone conduction headsets, and he also recommended by many experts, aurist hearing, mall in clove doctors also have stores.In view of the common sound leakage problem of bone conduction earphones, South Carolina Runner Pro3 earphones adopts the integrated body design and the exclusive OT closed 3.0 sound leakage reduction technology, which can reduce the sound leakage phenomenon by 90%.AF full vibration directional vibrator, so that the music more spatial sense, sense of rhythm.In order to further improve the sound quality experience, South Carolina invited grammy listeners to optimize the special sound transmission mode of Runner Pro3 earphones and create the tuning scheme most suitable for bone conduction earphones, with a wider sound field.Based on the calculation of ergonomics and big data, South Carolina Runner PRO3 has formed the ID design that looks like a seahorse we see at present.The rounded bulge in front of the sounding unit enhances the stability of wearing the earphone by contacting the tragus and reduces the pressure of the auricle supporting the earphone.Titanium makes for a lighter body and better adaptability, neither too tight in motion, nor too loose to worry about falling.The Pro3’s built-in storage has been upgraded to 16GB, allowing it to play music independently of the phone.Battery life is up to 10 hours, twice as long as normal bone conduction headphones.Besides using Bluetooth 5.2 chip, the transmission and connection is more stable, and it also supports NFC touch connection. As long as your phone supports NFC function, it can connect with NFC touch, which is very convenient.AS800 weighs only 26 grams, uses the rear hanging ear design, and is very comfortable to wear.With IP67 waterproof rating, there will be no problem even after soaking in water for a period of time.The charging port has liquid residue detection. If there is liquid LED lamp, it will flash continuously to remind you and stop charging.The use of a 30 degree tilt technology to enhance the bass, resulting in better sound quality.Silica gel + titanium alloy skeleton material is used, even if it is worn for a long time, there will be no friction, running will not drop.Qualcomm QCC3024 chip, double silicon microphone, sound effect is very good, for the call sound quality is very good.FMJ B1 bone conduction earphone in terms of appearance, FMJ Z8Pro bone conduction earphone as a whole adopts streamlined sunken design.The design is not only to make the headset more personalized, but also to make it more comfortable for us to wear, even if you wear glasses, you can easily control the headset.With a built-in 200 mah battery, it can run for about nine hours while playing music at 50 percent volume, which is equivalent to charging it every four to five days for daily use based on two hours of exercise per day.The fully enclosed cavity design, which can effectively prevent perspiration from penetrating, and the memory titanium wire skeleton, which can be twisted according to actual needs, are also highlights of this headset.Fourth, South Carolina Runner CC 2 bone conduction earphone recommendation reason: less than 300 yuan of the first choice of bone conduction earphone South Carolina Runner CC 2 bone conduction earphone adopts the combination of soft and hard, to prevent sound leakage;The design is seamless. Even the headset is wrapped in silicone, and South Carolina’s unique sound loss elimination technology significantly reduces leakage.Customized large size bone conduction headset, industry leading vibration sound sensing technology, effectively improve the sound quality.As magnetic charging is adopted, the magnetic head only needs to be placed on the buckle of the earphone after each use. Compared with traditional earphones, the whole body of bone conduction earphone has no holes, which can play a good waterproof effect.This headset has a built-in 8G large capacity memory, which can store about 2000 songs of music. CSR Qualcomm 5.0 Bluetooth chip is selected, which can be used within the range of 10-15 meters, and the connection is fast and stable.At the same time, equipped with a large capacity of built-in battery, intelligent fast charging function, music playback up to 6 hours.Although the sound quality is average, the phenomenon of sound leakage also exists, but this price is acceptable.