Yuetang district to promote urban and rural residents basic medical insurance to participate in the payment work

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“Thank you for your guidance, so that I can quickly and conveniently participate in insurance payment at home.”A few days ago, aunt Chen, who lives in Yuetang District Yuetang Street Yuetang Ling community, under the guidance of community staff, successfully paid the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents using hunan tax social security App.To fully promote the urban and rural residents basic medical insurance work, do “should defend” defend, yue pond area will work insurance ginseng protect town, broken down to the street to street town for protection, and community (schiscosomiasis) for end, established a “tax agent + health ZhuanGan + DaiZhengYuan” grid management mechanism, and clear the people across town to specific inspection.Community workers publicize health insurance policies and guide residents to pay fees through visits and phone calls.In addition, to travel inconvenience ginseng protect object, the staff member undertakes to help agent service for its, let dweller foot do not go out the door to be able to complete successfully capture cost of medical insurance job.As of February 8, 191,729 people in the district had signed up for insurance.It is reported that the deadline for the payment of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents in 2022 is February 28, and the individual payment standard is 320 yuan per person.Residents who renew insurance can use their ID cards to pay at designated bank outlets in the city, online banking, or through convenient information channels such as xiang Tax Social Security App and Wechat public account of Xiang Tax Social Security.New join protect dweller to need to hold oneself ID card or register to belong to street (town) government affairs center to deal with join keep register formalities, press again next keep dweller pay cost channel pay insurance cost.Participating in the medical insurance for urban and rural residents can effectively reduce the burden of medical expenses, prevent illness from returning to poverty, and prevent the risk of accidental injuries.Insurance participants must pay before the deadline so as not to affect the treatment of urban and rural residents.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original