The third day of the year to return to the post, Chengdu Universiade sprint

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On February 4th, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, Chengdu University was as quiet as other universities during the Spring Festival holiday.However, as the site of the athletes’ village for the 31st Summer Universiade in Chengdu (hereinafter referred to as the “Universiade Village”), an office building in Chengdu University is occupied by staff and vehicles from time to time.This is the office of the Village committee of chengdu Universiade Athletes village.Although the Spring Festival holiday is not over yet, the relevant staff of the village committee of Universiade Village have been working hard since the third day of the New Year.According to reports, the infrastructure construction of the Universiade Village has been basically completed. In order to ensure the smooth holding of the Universiade, there is still a lot of work to be done based on the services provided by the Village in the next few months.”Not only in the Universiade Village, but also in the Executive Committee of the Chengdu Universiade, all staff have started work on the third day of the Chinese New Year, making all-out efforts to reach their respective goals.”A staff member told reporters.2 years — The Universiade Village from the drawing into reality, all the surrounding supporting facilities are completed, walk into the Universiade Village, 4 new red and white buildings are particularly conspicuous, surrounding supporting greening and other facilities have been installed.This is the delegation apartment specially built for the Chengdu Universiade.During the Chengdu Universiade, the Village will also rely on the 6 existing student dormitories of Chengdu University to provide accommodation services for delegation members from various countries and regions.In addition to the most familiar residential areas, the Village also has operation areas, international areas and transportation areas.Among them, the operation area will provide corresponding facilities and services for the media, visitors and the staff of the organizing committee.The international area serves as the communication platform and information center of the Village, hosting welcoming ceremonies for delegations, providing catering, event information, medical, commercial, fitness and other services.The transportation area will provide transportation service for delegations from the Games Village to the competition and non-competition venues.”At present, some of the facilities and equipment in the Village have been used for teaching in Chengdu University.”Staff told reporters that in terms of new projects, the 22 individual projects in Universiad Village were all completed in March 2021. In the past nearly one year, the new projects and underground pipe network ran well, especially during the flood season in July 2021, withstood the test of strong winds and heavy rain.In terms of renovation projects, the Reconstruction project of Universiade Village with 280,000 square meters of floor area was completed in September 2021.In terms of surrounding supporting facilities, the construction of five surrounding roads including the Direct link between Universiade village and Dongan Lake and the Chengdu University-Qinglong Lake bridge have also been completed.Although it is still the Spring Festival holiday, but the village committee of the relevant business mouth staff has been on duty.When it comes to the time until the opening of the Universiade in Chengdu, the staff of the Universiade Village can say exactly 142 days.This time is updated in their mind every day, constantly reminded.”Although the infrastructure construction and operation management system of the Universiade Village has been basically formed, there is still a lot of work to be done.”Therefore, the Chengdu Universiade executive committee decided to start work on February 3. On the one hand, it is the best time to learn from the experience of the Beijing Winter Olympics. On the other hand, a series of urgent work needs to be carried out urgently.Universiade staff, chengdu is one of the world university sports event, chengdu committee will by conducting the universiade “city theme park in chengdu, China art exhibition” and the establishment of a universiade village education culture comprehensive communication area as the core system of education and cultural exchange activities, fully embodies the Chinese style, bashu characteristics,During the universiade, educational activities and cultural exchanges will be carried out to promote exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations.”Today is the start of spring. According to Chinese tradition, today represents the beginning of spring and the beginning of a New Year.”Despite the numerous and complicated work of the Universiade Village, everyone said that they would speed up the preparatory work according to the time point, and strive to provide interesting and meaningful activities for delegations to participate in the games, enrich the post-race life of delegation members under closed-loop management, and contribute to the smooth preparation of the Universiade.Red Star news reporter Deng Wenbo original title: The third day of the New Year back to post, Chengdu Universiade sprint!