Spend 350 yuan, return you 350 yuan, the boss still can make money at last, this idea is great

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How much customers spend, how much cash back, that kind of consumption all return model, can do?I’m telling you, as long as you’re in business, you’re in business.Why is that?Do you think, the customer spent 500 dollars in your place, and then you return the 500 dollars to him, so for the customer, that 500 dollars of product he did not spend money.Do you think he’s going to turn down a $500 product he gets for nothing?So since the customer will not refuse, clinch a deal is not simple, so such a deal, as a business, how do you make money?Today’s content, ah, is absolutely dry goods, I suggest you collect it to read several times.Let’s take a look at the first interesting gameplay, for example, you open a clothing store, the customer to your shop to spend 350 yuan, this time you tell the customer, as long as he helps you introduce a friend, also spend more than 350 yuan, you will return his 350 yuan, I would like to ask this time he will refuse?He will not refuse, he is not to help you introduce Li Si, Li Si is not to help you introduce Wang Ermazi, so in this way, is not a steady stream of customers come, have a steady stream of customers, is not a steady stream of orders?So everyone’s money is returned. How do you make money?At this time, is it necessary to see that the money is returned to where, if only to his membership card, and then he can not withdraw cash, can only be consumed in your home, you will not lose?Why wouldn’t you lose?Do you think the next time he comes in, he buys $350 worth of clothes for nothing? Is that still a 50% discount?So if he wants a $500 dress, does he want another $150?So how about this for you, you get customers to split, but you also get those customers to settle down and buy again?Such a consumer return model, is it worth us to learn, if you also want to do a set of such a consumer return system, you can talk to us.You may say that this scheme sounds good, but if the returned money cannot be withdrawn, some customers will not participate in it, so we let them withdraw cash, can we do this all-expenses return model?I’m telling you, you can still do it, and you can make more money than not letting the customer withdraw their cash, why should you make more money than not letting the customer withdraw their cash?Now let’s change the rules a little bit and you’ll get the idea.The rule used to be that if you referred someone, you’d get 350 yuan back.Now, if you ask the customer to refer three people, is that different?Imagine that a customer comes to your store and buys $350 worth of clothes. You tell him to introduce three people to you. If each person spends more than $350, you can refund his $350, and you can withdraw the money.So how much money did you actually receive at this point?So if you subtract $350 from $1,400, what you actually get is $1,050, so for $1,050 you sell 4 pieces of clothing for $350, so that’s a discount, is that a discount of 25%?So when you didn’t let the customer withdraw, it was 50% off, and now when you let the customer withdraw, it’s 75% off. Isn’t that amazing?So what do you get when you earn more?Did they also get super fission, when they didn’t let customers withdraw cash, did they introduce each other, or did they let customers withdraw cash?Isn’t a person turn introduces three people, the three of us, is again nine people were introduced, then the fission, whether a person fission soon out hundreds of people.How’s that?If you use one of these tips well, I’m telling you, no matter what business you’re in, you’ll never run out of customers.But there is a premise ah, the premise is that your product is good, if your product, your service itself has problems, you should not do such activities, why?Because it will hasten your death.