“I do practical things for the masses” “Bright Tail” operation lights the way home safely

2022-05-24 0 By

In order to effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of rural road traffic accidents, eliminate the hidden danger of agricultural vehicle traffic safety.Recently, tieling joint insurer tieling city traffic police branch “light tail” action actively, making 50000 “reflective logo stickers”, in-depth jurisdiction villages, free for agricultural tricycle, farm tractors, motor bikes, electric vehicles, low speed truck and baling press vehicle paste reflective logo stickers, ensuring the safety of the broad masses of farmers friend travel.During the activity, the police went deep into the township roads and fields under the jurisdiction to carry out safety inspection of agricultural vehicles. They found and pasted agricultural vehicles with no reflective marks, unclear reflective marks, aging marks and incomplete marks.And inform the driver at night, early morning, dusk and other conditions of low visibility, reflective signs will increase the driving safety index, reduce the incidence of accidents, so that the rear vehicles can notice the vehicle in front earlier and timely avoid.Subsequently, patience careful police to help the driver paste glossy veneer, and in case, actively carry out traffic safety laws and regulations propaganda, interpretation of driving without a license, drunk driving, speeding, overloading, illegal manned hazards such as traffic violations of the law, the agricultural education pilot of the growing season, overcome the paralysis of thought, refused to fluky psychology, to improve traffic safety consciousness, strictly obey the traffic laws and regulations,Ensure safe and orderly travel.Through pasting reflective logo paste activities, maximize the elimination of agricultural vehicles source safety hazards, won the majority of farmers friends praise, to ensure the spring area of the people’s travel safety.