Home style education hall in the depths of the mountains

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“Carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, let the good family tradition from generation to generation, let outstanding talents come to the fore, generation to generation!”This is on February 12, we are located in the depths of niushan liangyuan village lianyuan city ancient pond village shifei villa family style education museum visit, zhuang owner Li Shifei affectionate about.Li Shifei has a good family tradition.His father, Li Minzi, was an old cadre of land reform. Before liberation, he was an orphan with only a shabby old house. Later, he became a permanent worker of the landlord’s family.He joined the Party during the land reform and served as the village branch secretary for 44 years. He did not leave office until he was 72 years old. He died at the age of 92 and received numerous honorary certificates in his life.Li Shifei is also a legendary figure, 16 years old recruitment, in the supply and Marketing Department for 44 years, starting from ordinary salespeople, has been director of the township, town supply and marketing cooperatives, deputy director of lianyuan city supply and marketing cooperatives, hold the position of city supply and marketing cooperatives 5 company managers.He has obtained more than 100 honorary certificates at all levels of the province, prefecture and city, and his career and life have many dazzling halos.He is knowledgeable and has been to 35 countries. He has fully handled the properties of more than 1000 stores in the supply and marketing system without sequelae, which shows his smart and capable working ability.He is upright and steady in his conduct.Long-term temper, let Li Shifei had a shrewd business mind, not profitable business not to do, not to get ill-gotten gains.Li Shifei is a passionate supporter of public welfare undertakings, including education, education, poverty alleviation, school construction, bridge construction, road construction, water conservancy and rural revitalization projects.Li Shifei’s two sons, Li Huajun and Li Huamin, are excellent.In particular, the eldest son Li Huajun is a very excellent young talent, more than 30 years old in the youth League provincial party committee as a 6-year section level cadres, and finally served as the deputy secretary of the Xiangxiang City Committee and executive deputy director of the Xiangxiang Economic development Zone, director of the Shuifumiao Development Zone, showing a bright future.Unfortunately, he devoted himself to his work and died young at the age of 40.His life everywhere shows the dazzling light, the certificate of honor is amazing.His growth reflects the subtle influence of good family traditions.Li Shifei’s good family like spring breeze rain, imperceptible, but also reflected in his several grandchildren: they are all very good, you catch up with each other, study hard, get awards and certificates of honor is dazzling.What is especially valuable is that they all said that they will inherit the good family tradition and pass on the good family tradition from generation to generation, so as to become successors who make contributions to the country, society and family.The author makes a poem to praise the good family style on the spot: tao long stretch dance ancestor whip, family style education beautiful home.The spirit of casting inherits the wisdom of the past, de Ze promote qi xian.Pregnant talent thousands of years, to win the reputation of the quartet.Niu Shan far to see the swan goose, encourage people to move forward forever.(Li Yulin)