His concubine bore him five sons, but he gave them the name of their original mother. The concubine died of depression

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Most of the historical records about Yan xishan focus on his growth and military career, and rarely talk about his private affairs.In fact, compared with the vast majority of warlords in the Period of the Republic of China, Yan Xishan was already a relatively good one in private morality.Most of the warlords of the Republic of China were converted from the bureaucrats of the former Qing government, so most of them also took the old habits of corruption, extortion, smoking and marrying a third wife.Especially in the last point, especially in sichuan warlord Yang Sen as a typical.It is known that Janssen publicly had as many as 12 wives and 43 children.This figure is truly astonishing.And also be warlord, shanxi warlord Yan Xishan does not pursue female sex idea completely.If it were not for his infertile wife and his threatening parents, he would not even marry a concubine.But even if he marries a concubine, Yan only wants her to be healthy and fertile, nothing more.Later, the concubine bore yan Xishan five sons in succession. However, yan Xishan did not spare any spare thoughts for her after eliminating the trouble of childless.He still valued his original wife as always. His concubine failed to win favor and he could not let his children call him mother. Later, he died of depression.Yan Xishan and Xu Zhuqing Yan Xishan was born in October 1883 in a small landlord family in Hebian Village, Wutai County, Shanxi Province.At that time, their home in the local is also ranked on the name, so when Yan Xishan is a little older, he was arranged by his parents, and the local famous family – Xu Zhuqing miss Xu settled marriage.It is unclear whether the two families worked together, but Mr. Yan expressed no aversion to marrying a woman six years his senior.From the age of 9 to 14, Yan xishan received basic education, but perhaps he did not understand this aspect, he soon lost interest in learning, and preferred to learn business with his father.Considering that Yan would soon be married, his father agreed to his request and took him with him to participate in the work of interest collection and financial speculation in the jiqing Changchang money shop set up by his family.When the job is on the right track, yan Xishan, 15, and Xu Zhuqing, 21, get married in the witness of their relatives and friends.Yan Xishan and Xu Zhuqing are having the friendship of childhood sweetheart, two people also get along very harmonious after marriage.Even if Yan Xishan in one or two years later because of speculative failure, heavily in debt, and father had to go to other places to hide debts, she did not think of him apart, but strong to take care of the burden of her mother-in-law.Yan Xishan and Xu Zhuqing’s feelings are also in this time to have a certain deepening.After yan joined the military and rose through the ranks, he did not think of changing for a younger and more beautiful wife.On the contrary, for the sake of his wife, he avoided the vices of other warlords.For more than a decade after their marriage, they have been moving forward side by side.Yan Xishan and concubine Xu Yan Xishan want to and Xu Zhuqing two people together, Yan parents did not intervene.Unfortunately, their non-intervention and non-opposition is to be established on the premise that Yan Xishan and Xu Zhuqing have children.More regrettably, xu zhuqing failed to give birth to a son and a half daughter in more than ten years after their marriage. After seeing the doctor, xu zhuqing also said that she could not have children.All of a sudden there was trouble.In order to hold a grandson as soon as possible, Yan’s parents begin to force Yan Xishan to marry a concubine again.Although Yan Xishan loves his wife, also cannot look at parents however with dead photograph force, can promise to come down first only.At that time, xu zhuqing did not dare to oppose.Yan xishan wanted to have children, but he didn’t want to completely dishonor his wife.So when he was looking for a concubine, he specifically asked his subordinates to pay attention to girls who were healthy and could bear children.This has 14 years old datong girl Xu shi into Yan jia said.After xu took the door, Yan Xishan in order to maintain the face of his wife and his wife’s family, let Xu recognized xu Zhuqing’s father as a godfather, xu Zhuqing as a sister, also changed the name of xu to “Xu Lansen”.And wait until Xu Lansen gave birth to yan Xishan after five sons, Yan Xishan also made a regulation, that is the children’s “mother” can only be Xu Zhuqing, Xu Lansen must be called by them “aunt”.In the face of this situation, Xu Lansen heart unwilling, but dare not resist.But when the central Plains war yan Xishan was defeated, refuge to Dalian, Xu Lansen borrowed and the children to find him to reunite, let the children call her “mother”.Because xu Zhuqing was sitting in the old house, not in Dalian, Yan Xishan did not reprimand Xu Lansen.But when the children returned home also forgot to change, angry Xu Zhuqing returned to her mother’s home, Yan Xishan began to teach them.Concubine depression and finally Xu Zhuqing angrily back to her home, Yan Xishan to please also failed to let her come back.Hsu Lan-sen was the happiest of all the developments.She was full of the idea that she could take advantage of this time to fight for the love of Yan Xishan. However, when she felt that her status had been promoted and turned to say that she wanted to restore her original surname, Yan Xishan’s resolute opposition made her realize that she could not compete with Xu Zhuqing after all.Xu Lansen perception, if Xu Zhuqing in the eyes of Yan Xishan is his wife, then his eyes in Yan Xishan, but is a tool and a xu Zhuqing is not in the standin.She agonized over the knowledge, but could not bring herself to ignore it.In the end, she was the youngest of the three and died the first due to depression.And after she dies, below yan Xishan’s show weakness, Xu Zhuqing also renews with him, returned yan home afresh.Later, when the situation of the liberation war was settled, Yan Xishan retreated to Taiwan, and Xu Zhuqing followed him until he died of illness at the ripe old age of 88.Summary: Between Yan Xishan and Xu Zhuqing two people originally can not be mixed with a first call “Xu Shi” call after “Xu Lansen” poor woman, however, because Xu Zhuqing cannot bear, Yan home parents change the kind before, forcing her to make compromise, Yan Xishan also failed to defy the idea of parents on this point.As a result, Xu became the one who had to make sacrifices after Xu Zhuqing.Although she has xu Zhuqing does not have the advantage of fertility, but because of failed to get yan Xishan’s favor, failed to pressure Xu Zhuqing, and more depressed and passive, and finally died because of depression.