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The past few days have been full of events: several meetings were held in the afternoon the day before yesterday;Yesterday from eight o ‘clock in the morning to 10:30 in the evening, has been doing this year’s primary school professional master candidates of the second test (here by the way to explain why yesterday’s circle of friends to send “today off, something message”);This morning I read several articles, and this afternoon I was the judge of the “Teaching skills Competition” for the undergraduate students of Normal University (I’m sorry that I missed the first two students’ competition because I remember the wrong time).Tomorrow I will take part in the guidance activities of outstanding young teachers’ competition organized by the school’s trade union.Because most of the students who took the second exam yesterday chose to give lectures or give trial lectures, while this afternoon’s students did a trial lecture. Tomorrow, they will discuss how to give lectures with young colleagues. Several things have been put together.First of all, we should study the teaching material carefully.We say that it is not to teach teaching materials, but to teach with teaching materials. On the one hand, it is not to worship teaching materials. On the other hand, it is to emphasize that teaching materials study is the foundation.It should be admitted that the majority of students and teachers’ teaching content selection and teaching activity design level can not catch up with the experts who compile the textbook, so we should study the textbook honestly.Want to study each word of teaching material, each picture, think among them intention, utility, understand its respect to study psychology and the reflection of subject value, this is the foundation and key, do not leave teaching material oneself easily pursuing one too high.As for the study of primary school textbooks, I admit that I have not done enough, and I recommend two articles here for suspicion of criticism (link: Textbook research and teaching treatment based on textbook Research — Taking “carrying potatoes” as an example;”The use of proportion” observation lesson harvest).Two, should base oneself on the student.Basing oneself on students means first using the language that children understand;Second, imagine the difficulties students may encounter, think about their foundation and possibility;Three should pay attention to and their interaction, come up with ways to mobilize them, let them participate;Fourth, respect their participation, so that they can get a sense of presence and values of participation.Admittedly, such a competition is tight with time and heavy tasks, and each sentence needs to be carefully designed. However, it still needs to have the taste of classroom teaching, listening to students’ answers, arranging the speed of speech according to students’ responses, and responding appropriately to students’ participation.I look at the class, I first is to see whether the students can move up, and then after the students move up, the teacher how to echo and guide.Third, PPT must serve and be conducive to teaching.In the afternoon, the students who participated in the PPT all spent a lot of effort, but some students PPT teaching things too much, easy to distract students.On the one hand, the PPT should have some changes according to the characteristics of learners, but it must not have too much redundant information to distract students’ attention (the following PPT, I personally think too much irrelevant information).In addition, if possible, after arranging students to participate in learning activities, try not to prepare results with PPT in advance;There is a longer time of learning activities, as far as possible to organize multimedia learning activities, so that learners know the object of the activity, the task of the activity, the method of the activity, the examination of the activity.Four, and students sincerely interact, truly interact.Teaching should be emotional, let learners feel the teacher’s enthusiasm for teaching, investment in teaching and expectations for their learning, face to have invested expression;To the students as far as possible to communicate with students, speed to consider whether students can hear clearly, there must be a certain rhythm change and sound adjustment.In the case of students’ participation, the eyes should look at the participating students to form encouragement and support.Fifth, strive to change their own teaching to promote students to learn.Change yourself speak to promote students to learn, love not show their own speech level and ability, to devote to design learning activities, organizational learning activities, guides the student learning activities, promote the learning activities, learning activities in learning appears, help to grow the (about effective teaching, here also recommend an article: the effect of effective teaching, effectiveness and efficiency).Here simply say so a few, calculate have a feeling and send.On March 1st, I exchanged “Understanding and practical suggestions on classroom Teaching Reform” with colleagues of the college, and my colleague Huang Xi took notes with mind map.Great (the mind map made by Teacher Huang Xi is great), here to share with you.By the way, at the instigate of a follower of the wechat public account “360 Shuguan Jun”, the original articles of this public account were transferred to 360 personal library these days (click on the bottom of the article to read the original article), and I also report here.All right, jot it down here.Please criticize.Intro | PROFILE cheng dawei master tutor, a professor at the university of chengdu in sichuan province in western education of the institute is committed to promote the construction of teachers create happiness life, ideal classroom, class discussion class change practice, lesson for “professional ethics of teachers” in “the Chinese university MOOOC” online, is regarded as a “bridge experts” teacher education.The practice and propositions of “observing and discussing lessons” were published in People’s Education. The 9th issue of 2010 was listed as “The most influential events reported by People’s Education in its 60 years of publication” (33 cases in total).Was awarded teaching achievement first prize of sichuan province, sichuan province of higher education teaching achievement prize, won several chengdu social sciences outstanding achievement, more papers in photocopied data copy center, renmin university press has published the education and ideal classroom eight speak of happiness, the image of the pedagogy: from understanding education and life in the movie “24 books.Source: This article is compiled from Chen Dawei’s personal wechat official account.The above text, please share, copyright belongs to the original author and the original source, the content is the author’s opinion, does not mean that the public number agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.For copyright issues, please feel free to contact us.