The rime on the road wugong mountain often, need to like often go

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Look at the news, qingming holiday, wugong Mountain and the rime.It is the Qingming Solar term after the start of Spring.It seems that wugong mountain in addition to “alpine meadow” famous, rime will often patronize.Just, the rime of Wugong Mountain often, we like to often go.Wugong Mountain “sea of clouds” is also famous, but we go to different seasons and times, nature can not catch up.The Tent Festival is also spectacular. It is truly a super beauty on the Internet.We met wugong mountain rime is unintentional, was the New Year’s Day holiday, hiking down the encountered.The first day in the mountains was sunny by day and windy by night.The second day is the yellow season of the alpine meadow, dry dust flying, snow shadow muddy difficult to travel, did not expect to encounter the rime wonder;There was a small team, but also “lyrical” recited a poem.Morning a drill out of the tent, but can not see, can not distinguish the direction: fog!After a gang of people gathered together, the master took the GPS locator before he dared to go.He had not gone a few steps when someone lost him. He was going in the wrong direction.Stop for about 10 minutes and ask people to walk slowly with each other to see if they fall behind or even fall into a ravine.A group of familiar “travel friends” are central Plains, less to the northeast, also rare to see the southern rime, very excited very excited that kind of, for fear that the sun out again difficult to see this beauty.I’m the only one who likes to take photos, so I’m not afraid of wet fog.Therefore, a sweep two days before the hunger, cold, tired, no matter good-looking, because of cold, to keep warm, can wrap things are wrapped to the body, are so embarrassed.All right? Just take the camera!A little bit of an ice world, huh?!