The original god 2.5 launched a new campaign, players personally participate in the level design, net friend: this is the full live version

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The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end and everyone is back to work, but the gaming industry is not taking a break.Recently, the popular game “Original God” carried out the 2.5 version of the preview caused widespread concern among players, the new five-star thunder character yaegravity god son will be real, thunder general, heart sea replica, five new activities, new BOSS, new weapons, layer rock scene preview and so on.The pink-haired Yaejo has already won over many original god players based on her appearance. In version 2.5, the Five-star Device “Kagura True Meaning” has also been released.”The Original God” also launched a story CM short film, high quality animation performance, let god son every twinkle and smile, are affecting the heart of travelers: this “fox” also look good!In addition to the version of the most important eight heavy god son, 2.5 version also forecast five activities, explore the yuan under the palace of the “three boundaries of the road to offer sacrifices”, let the player homemade creative levels of the “god day qiao”, barf activities “qusheng drink micro dream”, copy old activities “one hundred people a diamond” and “master movement.”Many players are very curious about the DIY activities with great freedom in version 2.5. For example, in the wine mixing activity, players can freely match bases and accessories to create different drinks, allowing them to explore and discover those magical drinks on the mainland.However, many players have read the future direction of miha game from this new gameplay. Maybe they can open a shop in the future and let players try to simulate business gameplay.And let players pray for permanent “god day qiao” activity, is the former popular original god creative workshop, players can customize the maze mechanism in the secret environment, by sharing the maze ID can let other players through the level.Mechanism parts to reach dozens of many, including wind field, trap tiles, bubbles and so on.Shengong Tianqiao has generated a lot of interest among gamers, but many are worried that the live version of the original god will “enrich the imagination” of travelers.Hopefully, “Remember that you are an Earthling when designing your levels” and “have a hunch that players will go to social maps and discover how gentle the original god designers are!”Version 2.5 of The Original god is really a live version, with a lot of DIY gameplay that allows players to do their best in the new version, and it’s also possible that it foreshadows the addition of more freedom activities in the future to expand the scope of the game.So, what do you think of the original god version 2.5?