The height is not enough to do the ceiling, choose gypsum line or double eyelid?

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Condole top is decorating in already be to be more mature decorate means, but in a few tall compare short door model, perhaps the pursuit space feels and do not want to do condole top, became difficult problem instead.This kind of circumstance, to increase the design feeling of the space, a lot of people can choose to join plasterline or double eyelid to undertake adornment all round smallpox, won’t affect layer height so already, can realize visual demand again, should that choose plasterline or double eyelid?1. What are the advantages of gypsum line and double eyelid?The traditional ceiling is easy to accumulate ash in use, and it is difficult to clean up, while the gypsum line and the double eyelid ceiling belong to the convex ceiling shape, and there will be no dead corner of hidden ash.In addition, you can maximize the retention of the height, whether gypsum line or double eyelid, are along the wall to do modeling, almost no impact on the height.”Gypsum line” it is the adornment that radian has on a kind of elevation, a circle of gypsum line is installed all around the building directly, can keep out not only rough housetop corner, and gesso modelling still can increase aesthetic feeling, brush again go up with metope consistent emulsive paint, suit Euramerican style more.”Double eyelid” it is to install two thin and thin adornment board all round smallpox, brush the emultii paint that agrees with metope, the effect is extremely simple atmosphere, suit contemporary and contracted style more.The height of the entire ceiling will be between 20-30cm, if there is central air conditioning, it will be a little higher.The height difference between the two layers is generally 3-5cm, which will be more beautiful.Compared with gypsum line, the shape of double eyelid ceiling is simple, the decoration effect is more simple and atmospheric.Gypsum line and double eyelid how to choose?In fact, in the final analysis, according to the decoration style to choose, modern simple choose double eyelid, European and American style choose gypsum line.2, when the double eyelid encounter special situation “beam” if the sky lace beam body, according to the convex size and height of the beam body to determine, if the convex is not much, you can directly take it as the first layer, and then install a layer of wood board, can also make double eyelid effect.But if the beam body protrudes too much, the beam body part can be considered without eyelid, otherwise it will become “swollen eyelid”.”Cabinet area” if your wardrobe is going to do the top, the wardrobe area is not a double eyelid ceiling, the cabinet directly to the top, you want to do there is no place.If the wardrobe does not do the top, you can make a ceiling above the wardrobe, and then add a layer of wood board on the outside of the ceiling, you can make the effect of double eyelids.Sometimes in order to install central air conditioning, local ceiling will be done at the top. In this case, only one side of the ceiling is hidden from the central air conditioning, and then the other three sides are double eyelid ceiling, and the transition effect should be paid attention to.If there are many remaining walls above the bay window, double eyelid can be done as usual;If there are not many walls left, it is best to consider other options.Qijia chestnut provide more decoration information, like friends remember to collect and pay attention to oh!Image source network: infringement contact deleted