Party history together | 1949 New Year address: “Revolution to the end”

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The picture shows MAO Zedong’s 1949 New Year’s address “To the End of the Revolution” published by the People’s Daily.In September 1948, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army entered the stage of strategic decisive battle after valiant fighting.After the three major battles, the balance of forces between the enemy and us has undergone fundamental changes.The People’s Liberation Army has grown to 3 million, while the Kuomintang army has fallen to 2.9 million.The host and the guest have been displaced.On New Year’s Day 1949, Chiang Kai-shek held a New Year’s reception in Nanjing.At the reception, Chiang also read a New Year’s message from Begging ho, hinting that he would step down.The article appeared on the front page of the Joongang Ilbo that day.Chiang’s message allegedly had two objectives. On the one hand, it was to lay out the government’s minimum conditions for peace talks with the Communists, and on the other hand, to lay out an outline by which the Vice President could negotiate with the Communists after Chiang’s resignation.But people can clearly see the collapse of the Chiang dynasty in this magnificent writing.After reading the New Year s Message, those who are interested in the current situation are disappointed.However, a few of them, blinded by Chiang kai-shek’s false words, did not have firm faith in the end of the revolution and were very confused about reality.On December 30, 1948, MAO Zedong wrote a New Year address for Xinhua News Agency entitled “To carry the Revolution to the end”.The American ambassador to China, Stuart Leighton, later described MAO’s declaration as having a strong smell of gunpowder.”The Chinese people will win the final victory in the great war of liberation. Even our enemies do not doubt this now.”MAO zedong declared unquestionably at the beginning of his dedication.MAO Zedong pointed out to the point that, seeing the nationwide victory of the Chinese People’s Liberation War, the reactionaries both at home and abroad could no longer be stopped by mere military struggle, so they attached more importance to the method of political struggle day by day.On the one hand, the Chinese reactionaries and the American invaders are making use of the existing Kuomintang government to plot for peace, on the other hand, they are trying to organize opposition within the revolutionary camp and try to stop the revolution.To carry the revolution to the end?Or will the revolution fall by the wayside?With regard to this acute question, every Democratic Party and every people’s organization must make its own choice.MAO called on the people of the whole country, the democratic parties and the people’s organizations to cooperate sincerely and take concerted steps to smash the political schemes of the American imperialists and the Kuomintang reactionaries and carry the revolution to the end.In view of the vague and wavering views of a few people on this issue, MAO Zedong explained the principle of eradicating evil in a simple way, and warned people never to pity the evil people like snakes.Here he quotes an ancient Greek fable about a farmer who saw a snake frozen in winter.He felt sorry for it and put it on his chest.The snake was revived by the warm air, and when it regained its natural nature, it inflicted a fatal wound on its benefactor.When the farmer died, he said, “I deserve this punishment for my pity on the wicked.”Foreign and Chinese vipers hope that the Chinese people will still die like the farmer, and that the Communist Party of China, all the revolutionary Democrats in China, will have as good a heart for the viper as the farmer.What a vivid metaphor!At the critical moment of the revolution, MAO Zedong explained the profound truth clearly and simply with his superb language art. This article was sharp and profound, which educated many unawakened revolutionary masses and prompted them to keep alert again to Chiang Kai-shek’s peace.In the last part of the article, MAO Zedong outlined the blueprint for the 1949 Chinese Revolution, saying that the People’s Liberation Army would march south of the Yangtze River in 1949 and achieve a greater victory than in 1948.In 1949 we will make greater achievements on the economic front than in 1948.Our agricultural and industrial production will be one step higher than before, and the railway and road traffic will all be restored.The operations of the main regiments of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army will get rid of some of the guerrilla nature that still exists and enter a higher degree of regularization.In 1949, a political consultative conference will be convened without the participation of reactionaries to accomplish the tasks of the people’s revolution, declare the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and form the central government of the Republic.This government will be a democratic coalition government under the leadership of the Communist Party of China with the participation of appropriate representatives of the democratic parties and the people’s organizations.The Chinese people’s Liberation Army soldiers who fought bloody battles at the front were greatly encouraged by MAO Zedong’s New Year’s speech. Commanders and fighters from all theater commands telephoned the CENTRAL Military Commission to express their determination to fight.Chiang kai-shek’s regime lamented its own doom with resignation.When lee Jong-in, the vice president of the Nationalist government, heard the New Year s message, he said to his wife, “It seems that the chance for peace has been lost.”The revolutionary people need the guidance of revolutionary theory.The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and MAO Zedong were soberly aware of this point. Later, MAO Zedong published an article entitled “Peace by War Criminals”, giving a direct answer and attack to Chiang Kai-shek’s New Year message.-end – Source: Party history education Shantou Public Security official wechat Wechat: STGA0754 Weibo: @Ping an Shantou Douyin: @Ping an Shantou