Our province takes several measures to stabilize industrial operation

2022-05-23 0 By

Industrial xing liaoning xing, the start is stable overall stability.The industrial added value of the first quarter has a “weather vane” effect on the trend of the whole year and market expectations.Our province starts early, grasps to do, with a set of “combinative fist” strives to realize industry to get off to a good start.This is from the province held a few days ago industry information system this year’s first special scheduling meeting to understand.Reasonable operation, planning first.Our province will first actively lead in policy, multidimensional support.At present, our province has formulated and issued a series of policies such as “Implementation Plan for Invigorating industrial economic Operation and Promoting High-quality industrial development”, and put forward specific measures from four aspects of breaking through the blocking points, tapping the potential of demand, strengthening policy support and optimizing the development environment.In addition, shenyang and Dalian, where conditions permit, will formulate operational supporting policies for industrial development in light of their local conditions, actively resolve various prominent problems and potential risks, and boost market confidence.Industrial chain and supply chain is the central link of economic operation. In order to ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, Our province pays close attention to the bottlenecks such as “lack of core” and “lack of cabinet”, strengthens the analysis and analysis of the emerging problems of the industrial chain and supply chain, and helps upstream and downstream enterprises to solve the problems of raw material supply, spare parts supporting, logistics and transportation, etc.In our province will send out for domestic outbreak may bring people return limited resistance risk of supply chain, industry chain, preparing for the plan ahead of time, the key link of the supply chain security leading enterprises and industry chain enterprise stable production, priority, important basic industry to ensure that product life supplies, agricultural materials, such as fertilizer, like strong key chain in the supply chain.Make use of big data platform to increase efficiency of industrial economic circulation.This year, the provincial industrial big data management service platform and other platforms will be online, the use of technical means to improve the industrial operation early warning system, strengthen monitoring analysis and monitoring and scheduling of key parks, key enterprises.Let the system smooth, adhere to the “small incision” work method to help enterprises solve problems.Make production factors smooth, use the platform to do a good job in the investigation of manufacturing enterprises’ operation factors, and timely understand and grasp the industrial enterprises’ coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation, capital, talent, loan, chip and other factors.We will establish a “whitelist” system for key enterprises and give priority to ensuring stable power consumption for enterprises in key industries.Strengthen financial support for enterprises in combination with offline corporate docking activities.Source: Liaoning Daily