Langfang started the construction of longhe isolation point, covering an area of 370 mu, and built 3,066 isolation shelters

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Following the construction and reconstruction of the isolation point of Yang Taxation Militia training base, the isolation point of Anmei Road of Anzi High-tech Park and the reconstruction project of Fuzhikang apartment, Langfang started the construction of the isolation point of Longhe River from March 21. Currently, the project is under construction around the clock, striving to complete and put into use in the shortest time.At the construction site of the longhe isolation point, more than 3,000 workers and 300 construction machines are working overtime, speeding up construction.It is understood that from the evening of March 21, various materials, machinery and equipment and personnel have entered the site of construction.By the morning of The 23rd, the foundation construction of longhe shelter isolation point has been completed, municipal roads, power supply, weak electricity, water supply and drainage are also under simultaneous construction.Liu Denghui, general manager of Hebei Branch of China Construction First Bureau: Now we have China Construction First Bureau, Fifth Bureau, sixth bureau, eighth Bureau, and China Construction Science and Engineering Co., LTD., we are five central enterprises to build together.So far, we have completed the construction of the entire isolation of the housing foundation, one after another (responsible for) isolation of the housing has begun to lift.As one of the participating parties, China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Beijing Co., Ltd. quickly gathered more than 120 management personnel, more than 700 labor personnel, as well as necessary materials and equipment to participate in the construction of longhe Isolation point, and will be responsible for the construction of 518 isolation houses.Yankui Zhang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General manager of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Beijing Company, and commander of the Construction project of longhe Isolation Point: After two days and nights of continuous hard work, the concrete pouring of all the foundation works has been completed, and other small facilities are being promoted in a synchronous and orderly way.We have started a lifting and installation of the container this morning.In times of crisis, we will show our responsibility and go all out to fight the epidemic.In the construction site, from all sides of the builders work together, against the clock, to launch a charge toward the target task.Yu Zhen, builder of the Longhe Isolation point project of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau: As a construction worker of the isolation point, I feel great responsibility and glorious mission. I will definitely make the greatest contribution to the expected delivery of the isolation point.To promote the isolation points for the construction of the project, the city live built bureau led the isolation construction program, the comprehensive coordination, project construction, technical specifications, logistics group, four groups of main members of the head and adhere to the 24-hour DingShou line, eat live in site, to combat the charge posture to construction work.Hou Jianming, project coordinator of the Longhe Isolation Point project of the URBAN Housing Administration: We have 30 on-site managers who are responsible for quality, schedule and safety, including material coordination.Now this isolation site covers a total area of 370 mu, the construction of 3066 isolation shelters, is expected to be completed at 24 o ‘clock on 28th.