Kobe Bryant’s Long biography: Youth is gone, Legend is Immortal

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In February 1997, Bryant scored 31 points in the Rookie Game and won the dunk Contest at the All-Star game, becoming the first Laker to win the dunk championship.Bryant’s time and space were limited, however, as he scored 539 points in just six starts in 71 games, an average of 7.6 points per game.Especially in game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals against Utah, Bryant’s air ball led to the Lakers’ exit.It has not been a satisfying season for the proud Kobe Bryant.He no longer is the core and soul of the team, is the focus of the spotlight, his body slightly thin, the high strength against, those who had given the technology had no chance to cast, even if have, also is twisted, more often, he is just off the bench at the end of the observer, is the coach in the eyes of the spring easy to make mistakes.His dream of soaring quickly into the sky had broken his wings in his mediocre performance and was temporarily unable to take off.He knows that he is not an eagle piercing the sky at all, but a bird just flapping its wings, let alone challenging the NBA’s top stars, even in the NBA is still unknown.So, while his teammates were traveling with their families or mingling with the Hollywood scene, Bryant was practicing masochism.He believes that as long as he keeps at it, he can succeed.People with this idea are destined to be extraordinary!After a summer of devil training, Bryant’s skills have significantly improved.December 14, 1997, is a memorable day because Kobe Bryant scored 30 points for the first time against the Mavericks.Then, on Dec. 17 in Chicago, Bryant stunned the league by scoring 33 points in his third game against Michael Jordan.Thanks to his improved scoring, Bryant has gone from a marginal player to a sixth man — starting just once in 79 games — averaging 26 minutes and 15.4 points per game, scoring in double figures in 65 games.Bryant was 19 years and five months old in 1998, breaking the previous record set by Magic In 1980 at 20 years and five months.Bryant, a first-time All-Star, has no stage fright, even a little swagger.In a star-studded all-star game, Bryant shot and dunked in a row, scoring 10 points and shooting 11 shots in the first half, adding to the illusion that Bryant is already an All-Star.After three quarters, Bryant led the Western Conference in scoring with 18 points, a moon in the sky.Next to Bryant’s embarrassing scene appeared, western all-star coach George – Karl will kobe in the fourth quarter now press on the bench, the reason is simple, he doesn’t want – these three words and common view of the many people who don’t like kobe Bryant – Bryant dazed and confused, don’t want to let the broken spring air Jordan at the end of the performance.We don’t know just how kobe’s state of mind, may be helpless, also may be resentment, but one thing is certain, that is kobe Bryant will never regret for Carl’s intention to suppress the gives prize “excessive”, if you regret, he is the winner in the future, the reigns of Kings,Nor will George Karl’s “God can’t stop Kobe” praise be heard during the 2009 Western Conference finals.This is Kobe Bryant, he is going to be the king of the court, no one can stop, no oppression, no criticism, no hardship can change his original dream.Chinese people advocate modesty, but westerners will be reserved in front of their predecessors even if they are more assertive.So when Bryant is a “rookie” in front of a bunch of old-timers rampaged, people will only be disrespect, inexperienced, too arrogant to pour cold water on Bryant.To be fair, though, Bryant did the right thing. He didn’t rise as quickly as Allen Iverson, the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA — and three other players to whom Bryant is often compared, Duncan James, were no. 1 overall picks.He must seize every opportunity to show his strength, and not give up the hard-won opportunity for any other objective reason. Otherwise, Kobe will never be transformed from a small bird into an eagle.It was the collision of conventional wisdom with what Bryant wanted to achieve.