Fake!Taizhou police refuted the rumor

2022-05-23 0 By

On the night of January 23, a net user posted a message that “a man in a community in Taizhou city exposed his body naked outside the balcony, repaired the water pipe, but lost his grip and fell into the trash can below”.It was found in the search that the pictures of “naked man falling” had been spread by many we-media as early as 2018, but neither the location nor “repairing water pipes” were mentioned in the relevant videos or articles, and the location and reason of the incident were unknown.”Taizhou naked man falls into garbage can” is a fabricated and processed story of the old picture, which is pure rumor.Reminder: Network illegal outside the land!The public security organs will severely crack down on illegal and criminal acts that fabricate, spread and spread rumors and disrupt social order.We hope netizens will not fabricate, believe or spread rumors.