Andy Lau in mahua fun eyes: Li Haiyin called “jia Brother-in-law”, Shen Teng performed Andy Lau unique skills

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Jia Ling guest “mahua especially happy” as a guest, play seems to be very happy.The original happy mahua a group of people, are accompanying her make, imitate jia Ling’s idol and beloved Andy Lau together, she can not be happy?For this episode, some netizens said: The real brother-in-law can skip!Happy mahua six fairy across the sea, each learn the Andy Lau in each eye according to the rules of the game, Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Chang Yuan, Alan, Li Haiyin, Gao Haibao and other six people want to learn Andy Lau, and Ma Li and Huang Cailun need to be unaware of the state of everyone, performance Jacky Cheung.Lee Hae-eun is the first to appear.I can call him brother Jia!”Li Haiyin’s words confirmed again, at the beginning of Zhang Xiaofei ridicule right, in front of Jia Ling, we can not call Andy Lau’s name, but to call “brother-in-law”.Play variety show, Jia Ling guess the name shout “my husband”, basically the companion can guess it is Andy Lau, this matter everyone knows.Chang Yuan came up directly to a section of Andy Lau’s concert steps, one step three shake fingers with the audience, the imitation is somewhat similar, but this is obviously not up to Jia Ling’s standard.Jia Ling seemed to say with emotion: “My God, how could he ever be a eunuch…”The original Jia Ling play lagerfeld, Chang Yuan play is to help her eunuch.Alan began to sing ‘People in the Village’ : ‘From where I come from, in this village…’Said Andy Lau sang this song, in fact, this song is not Andy Lau’s original song, cover this song many people, such as Hua Chenyu.In happy mahua team, the most impressive song is probably Shen Teng, in the “Trump card funny Trump card” in the movie, Shen Teng, Andy Lau two people in the funny, also had an impromptu section.As a big actor 20 billion at the box office, Shen Teng to show nature is acting, he directly to a difficult: the scene imitation play lighter when Andy lau play handsome young handsome action, the Andy lau was one of the skills, however, see Gu Ling eyes straight hair straight, instantly through the age of 15 just infatuation with Andy lau.After appreciation, Jia Ling even pretended to be angry: “Pure reproach, this is not young and do not know the acting time!”A dialogue of Andy Lau’s upper body, make people laugh unceasingly.”I’m here, I’m here!” Jia shouted excitedly as she imitated Andy Lau’s concert moves.When Shen Teng hummed “Providence” in ecstasy, everyone thought he was imitating Tengger…How does Jia Ling play it?After a moment of suspicion, Jia Ling said, “This is my daily life with him, a fragment of life.”So her daily is a person “hair dia” ah, but also very image, let a person speechless.Gao Haibao probably found inspiration from Shen Teng’s performance, directly to a section of Andy Lau in the “Five Heroes of the Sword” before committing suicide with a gun performance, it is also this section of the scene that many people ridicule Andy Lau love to play handsome, but the film is the most impressive, it is the end of this section.Huang CAI Lun pretended not to understand, gao Hai Bao was a little worried, Jia Ling interrupted forcefully: “I know, these things do not need outsiders!”It seems that the most understanding of Andy Lau or Jia Ling, but happy Mahua team of people on Andy Lau are also very research.Huang CAI Lun very cunning, Ma Li wily dozen careless eye turn Huang CAI Lun is a bit difficult, both to say Jacky Cheung, and let everyone feel that he is talking about Andy Lau, so thumbs up said: “he is a wrist!”Big and small wrist are wrist, so vague words, a listen to the trick!See Shen Teng will give him sentencing, so he did a motorcycle posture, misleading you feel that this is in the performance of Andy Lau, Wu Qianlian’s classic movie “If there is love”.This operation, on the surface looks really representative, but Jacky Cheung can ride a motorcycle!We are all smart people. We knocked Huang Out in the first round.Mary also had to describe Jacky Cheung. How could she make everyone think she was talking about Andy Lau?Then began to bluff: “I this is god!”Yes, Andy Lau is called the “God of China”, Jacky Cheung is the “god of song”.Seeing the language description is not clear, she simply uses the movement to show, then gets up and jerks up the clothes, this is singing “Alone to steal sex”?Everyone is so guess, as expected.So, the first round was so cheated by Ma Li, the second round of Ma Li continued to play careless: “he has a wife…”Liu Dehua characteristic is too much, have wife absolutely not to calculate characteristic, but incredibly also everybody flicker lived.To the third round of performance, Ma Li began to sing, but only to do the movement of silence, in Jia Ling’s strong request, just barely issued a tuneless “babble” sound, so Ma Li is so revealed.It seems that In Mahua happy, Ma Li is the real master of disguise ah, until the last moment.