Xianyang Rainbow School Education Group (head school) held the opening work in spring 2022

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Hoof swift and steady development, prancing horse whip start a new course.On the afternoon of February 9, 2022, Xianyang Rainbow School Education Group (head school) held the opening work of spring 2022 in the high school campus.The meeting was attended by gao Jiping, the principal of the group (head school), the executive principals of each campus, the directors of each department, the assistant director and the grade directors.At the meeting, The general principal of Xianyang Rainbow School Education Group (head school) Gao Jiping led the participants to study the work plan of this semester entitled “Adhere to standardization and refinement, build a modern school”.He explained the development goals of the fourth new three years of the school, the main work objectives and requirements of the semester, the key work and other aspects in a simple way, especially the specific work of each campus, each department and measures in detail.In particular, he stressed that schools are in a critical period of improvement, and the national education reform is being intensified, with both opportunities and challenges.The faculty and staff are expected to work hard and not rely on others;Self-pressure, tap the potential of students;Day arch a pawn, perserve;Fully stimulate the vitality of schools.Finally, the president Gao Jiping arranged the work before the new semester, requiring all campuses and departments to carefully formulate their own work arrangements, establish and improve the work standards, standardize and efficiently promote the work before the new semester.People often spring early, New Year new action.The meeting made clear the overall deployment and responsibility requirements of the new semester group (head school) work.All rainbow people will unite, forge ahead and innovate to promote school education and teaching work to a new level.Source: Xianyang Caihong Middle School Editor: LYH