The reality of a young woman who is reduced to a country show and sings in silk stockings in winter is different from what she thought

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In elementary school, teachers will ask students “What is your dream?”Students’ answers are varied, teachers, police, scientists, stars…Years later, very few students can make their dreams come true.The dream of youth has become a lifelong regret, the reality is so cruel, most people return to the ordinary life, just as Mo Yan said, people are nothing but the vast universe, almost invisible dust.Compared with the dream, alive is more important, but some people are not willing to dream stranded, even do something related to it, will feel satisfied, just like the country stage to perform hard, others in the eyes of the clown, his heart when the dream.Young women reduced to rural performance, wearing silk stockings singing in winter, the real situation is different from the thought of the cold winter, in the countryside on an open-air stage, a young woman wearing silk stockings singing hard, and the audience several people wearing cotton coats, forming a sharp contrast.In some rural areas, when there are important events in the family, no matter white or red, they will set up a stage to find someone to put on a show. The bigger the noise, the more the family has strength and looks good on face.These show people, the status is very low, the audience really see the program few, but also are not holding a good attitude to see the performance, in the eyes of the audience, reduced to rural singing, wearing cool and refreshing, will be stabbed back bone said not proper, girls are not easy to get married, they really so bad?In fact, they are also ordinary people, in order to make ends meet, the young woman in the picture, also want to study hard, after graduating from a medical school, find a job is not ideal, and finally struggle to make ends meet.There are elderly parents in the home, once sick, they are unable to help, never forget the dream of going to school, want to be a doctor, but parents put up with all kinds of adults, can not be too selfish, to assume the responsibility of supporting parents, don’t want to have “son to raise but not close” outcome.Heard the true situation of the woman, we are silent, yes!When I was in school, I had a dream.Also do not want to face the loess back to the sky of life, but they are not hard enough, many contemporary college students also face this problem.College students also have such distress, reality and dream conflict, how should do?Many college students feel distressed, reality and dream are difficult to achieve both, how to do?Give up the dream is not willing to dream may not live.There is no absolute, college students want the two do not conflict, in addition to hard, there may be no good way, during the school, can not be confused, college students should maintain the learning habits of high school, cherish every minute, will be in the mind to study.As the environment changes, college students to advance with The Times, not conformist, to have innovative thinking, flexible, college students can not lie in bed fantasy, that is not a daydream.College students to firm goal, stick to the original intention, pay a hundred percent toward the goal, can not just think about the future, don’t look at the present, college students to be down-to-earth, dare to look at their shortcomings, and actively correct, there is no difficulty is not overcome.Of course, not everyone can do it, if college students can’t do it, don’t lose confidence in yourself, people who work hard will eventually be rewarded, to find fun in ordinary life.It is difficult for parents to teach students knowledge and skills in universities. Similarly, schools cannot replace what parents teach students. Parents should attach importance to family education.The author would like to say: students should never feel that they work hard enough, can realize the dream of students, is not necessarily a genius, to help students to achieve the goal of the main factor, is persistent, may not be the same results and want to, but also acceptable.College students should have confidence, make a good plan before graduation, have a goal will not be confused, you can choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination, improve the educational content, so as to improve the competitiveness of college students, get more good opportunities.For example, this woman gave up her dream for her parents and tried to earn money to support her family, which is worthy of praise. If life is better, she is willing to insist on realizing her dream, so we should not look down on a person.The cruelty of reality is not something that can be changed by individuals. Therefore, college students should understand the “rules of survival” and improve their overall ability if they want to be strong. They should be willing to bear hardships without complaining, take a serious attitude towards learning, and do not waste their time.Family education should also keep up, parents should use the right way of education, guide students to set goals, develop good learning habits, and excellent quality, education of students will be both inside and outside, but also the ability to realize their dreams, the impact of parents’ education on students will accompany a lifetime, parents also want to learn more.The reality and the dream can not be achieved at the same time, it is better to live a good life, in the ordinary life, find their own value, college students should understand this truth.Topic of the day: What do you think of young women singing in the country?If you want to know more exciting content, come and pay attention to The education of Yan Zi Ma Said