Fire science | beware of “small fire outlaw”

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In people’s impression, the fire is overwhelming fire, but not only “fire merciless”, “small fire” can also be ruthless dead, a lot of times, small fire is actually the biggest killer of life, “small fire dead” what are the characteristics?Why will small fire “dead”?How to prevent fire in daily life?The characteristics of “small fire undead” 01 Winter season, undead fire high incidence.In cold and dry winter, residents gather together and use more fire and electricity, which increases the probability of “small fire death”.02 Increased risk during sleep at night.In winter, the night time is earlier, and the dormancy of human beings is sleepy during winter, and the body’s alertness and fire alertness are decreased, so it is easy to fall into deep sleep and not wake up, leading to most of the fire fatalities occurring at night.03 Careless use of fire and electricity is the main cause.”Small fire death” mostly occurs in people’s living places, such as bedroom, kitchen, etc., smoking in bed, overload electricity and other bad lifestyle is easy to cause fire.Most of the victims are vulnerable groups.Most of them are the elderly or people with mobility difficulties, and their escape ability is weak. The elderly and the mentally ill who lack mobility have no one to take care of them. When disasters happen, such vulnerable groups tend to become victims of disasters.What are the main factors of small fire death?01 is the electrical, modern home appliances are increasing, long time, overload use or product quality is not good, easy to make home appliances fire, cause fire;02 The second is the careless use of fire fire, careless life, careless use of fire.LPG and natural gas, fire caused by illegal operation;Smoking carelessly, throwing cigarette butts at home, causing cigarette butts not extinguished to ignite combustibles in the home are the main factors of small fire death.How to prevent fire in daily life?1. Clean up combustibles in the home in time. Do not place electric vehicles, old furniture and combustibles in the evacuation corridor.2, pay attention to safe use of electricity, do not connect wires, do not overload electricity.Do not change the gas pipeline without permission, maintain the aging electrical equipment and lines in time, and turn off the power supply and gas valve when going out for a long time.3, the use of electric heating appliances, such as electric heating, to keep away from combustible, when using someone to watch, do not bake clothes on the electric heater, use up or power must be unplugged.4. Do not smoke in bed, especially after drinking, before going to bed, or when tired, do not smoke in bed or on the sofa.5. Care for the elderly, the sick and the disabled, strengthen nursing measures, help them check indoor fire hazards, especially for gas, electrical, fire sources and their surroundings, and eliminate hidden dangers in time.6, actively cooperate with the community property management units fire patrol, eliminate fire hazards in time, regularly clean up residential building corridor, evacuation passage stacked sundry, do not occupy the fire lane.