Experience a different “New Year flavor” full of books in bookstores

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Citizens buy books at xinhua Bookstore in Huizhou.The Lunar New Year is approaching, walk into The Xinhua Bookstore in Huizhou, feel the flavor of the New Year in the book!In order to stimulate the public’s enthusiasm for reading, from now to March 31, the municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports will issue 5000 book coupons with less than 30 yuan for more than 100. The general public can pay attention to “Huizhou Culture, Sports and Tourism release” to receive, each person is limited to 2.In addition, during the Spring Festival holiday, Huizhou Xinhua Bookstore will also launch a series of reading and cultural activities, including the Spring Festival themed books exhibition and sales, skillfully cut the fu Tiger, “Reunion Dinner” xinhua handmade activities, “Xinhua sign, year after year after year” online and offline exclusive activities for members.Reading vouchers can be used and good in-store superposition on January 24 at 3 PM, the reporter walks into the jiangbei huizhou xinhua xinhua bookstore of the square, according to the year of the tiger theme, in-store special show platform ZhuanJia with Spring Festival couplets, grilles, lanterns, geely decoration items, letters, “fu” character, the year of the tiger’s goodies for Chinese zodiac ornament, clay sculpture, tao yi culture product, the New Year holidays.”The book coupons issued by the city’s Cultural, Radio, Sports and Tourism bureau can be used in both branches of Xinhua Bookstore in Huizhou.”The official in charge of Xinhua Bookstore in Huizhou told reporters that during the Spring Festival holiday, citizens who go shopping in the physical store can enjoy a full discount of the whole order, with 100 less than 10, 200 less than 25, and the highest discount can reach 30% off.At the same time, in-store discounts can be used superimposed with the book coupons launched by the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports, and can be directly deducted and written off when settling accounts.During the Spring Festival holiday, readers in Huizhou can enjoy a 15% discount if they place an order through the online mini program “Xinhua Readthrough”, and can also enjoy free delivery for certain amount of purchase.The list of “Xinhua Good Books of 2021” will be announced, which books are huizhou citizens’ favorite in 2021?”During the Spring Festival holiday, we will announce the list of 2021 Xinhua Good Books.”The person in charge said that during the Spring Festival holiday, Huizhou Xinhua Bookstore will focus on the display of “2021 Annual Xinhua Good Books” theme book list and 2021 douban recommended books list, and recommend books worthy of reading and people really love to the general public.Cultural feast in order to make more readers, in the premise of epidemic prevention and control work, huizhou will also carry out series of xinhua bookstore online activities, such as the lunar New Year holiday, readers by focusing on “read through online” the public, and through the menu “calendar clock” to participate in the activities of clock, you can participate in accumulate points for online shopping coupon;To the shop can participate in the “skillfully cut fu Tiger” Xinhua hand work, experience the intangible cultural heritage – the joy of paper cutting.Source: Huizhou Daily Review: Yu Fanghua