Yan Jidao this word “Linjiang Fairy”, direct handling of two tang poems, then into a classic, spread through the ages

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Throughout the history of ancient Chinese literature, it can be said that the stars are shining brightly. There are a large number of famous people who have written poems and songs.Not many fathers and sons have distinguished literary achievements together.However, Yan Shu and Yan Jidao are famous father-son poets.Yan Shu, styled Tongshu.The chancellor of the Northern Song Dynasty, his poems are implicit and graceful, especially good at small, calligraphy is also more profound, and the most prominent ci, known as “chancellor ci”.His son Yan Jidao is even more extraordinary. Although his official career is not as good as his father’s, his poetry achievements are even better than his father’s.His words are good at love, its small words beautiful, sincere feelings, especially famous, at the same time he and his father have the same writing technique, is often used or quote the words or allusions of predecessors, to put it bluntly is handling, but the effect is excellent.Today to share with you, Yan Jidao this song “Linjiang Fairy”, directly quoted two lines of Tang poetry, then became a classic, spread through the ages.Yan Jidao, born and died between 1038 and 1110, courtesy name Shuyuan, alias Xiaoshan, was born in Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province.Yan Shu’s seventh son, aloof and proud, middle-aged family in poverty.Yingchang government xutian town supervisor, dry ning juntong judgment, Kaifeng court judge.He was born with a golden key, just like Jia Baoyu in a Dream of Red Mansions. His father Yan Shu was 47 years old at that time and was in an official position.It can be seen that he was sure to lead a life of rich and luxurious food, surrounded by pearls and green flowers, and gradually grow up to enjoy the luxury of writing poems and drinking wine, fighting cock and horse. However, the good times did not always blossom. In 1055, his father Yan Shu died, and his luxurious life came to an abrupt end, which immediately made him feel the vicissitudes of society.In 1074, Zheng Xia, a friend of Yan Jidao, was imprisoned by a gang for opposing Wang Anshi’s political reform. Although he was later acquitted, this event dealt a severe blow to Yan Jidao, who was a scholar and reduced to a poor and downhearted nobleman.I do not know whether it is heaven or earth, he and some singers forged an indissoluble bond, also wrote a lot of words to miss the singers, this song “Linjiang Fairy” is one of them.Can you find out which two lines of linjiang Fairy, a poem written for a song girl, were transferred from the Tang Dynasty?Let’s enjoy this famous piece.The words say: after the dream, the floor is high lock, the wine wakes up and the curtain hangs low.Hate came last spring.Falling flowers are independent, tiny swifts fly in pairs.Remember small cavity first, two center of gravity word luo yi.Lute strings say acacia.At that time the moon was in, once according to the colorful clouds.This first enjoys universal popularity, spreads through the ages the famous work, Yan Jidao with the carefree and elegant language, expressed the yearning to the past, to the beautiful woman, this beautiful woman is a song girl, the name calls the small ping.In the last film, “After the dream, the balcony is locked high, the curtain hangs low” begins with the form of antithesis and intertextual rhetoric. When I wake up from a night dream, I only see the balcony locked tightly. When the drunkness fades away, there is only a curtain hanging low in front of my eyes, which describes the emptiness, loneliness and sorrow of the poet.”Last spring hate came”, a “last year”, shows that the poet’s sadness and melancholy is not a temporary feeling, but lingering in his mind year after year.In the falling flowers, the poet stands alone, watching the swallows flying in the breeze and drizzle.”Falling flowers, drizzle, double swallow” adds the poet’s sadness, confusion and loneliness.As our predecessors have said, “A famous sentence can never be two.”Next piece, “remember small cavity first see, two center of gravity word luo yi”, these two sentences have the meaning of love at first sight, because this is the poet and ping first see memories, especially the description of two center of gravity word Luo Yi, but also point out the two people of the heart.”Lute strings say lovesickness”, is to say that two people meet for the first time, ping will pour out his heart with the music of lute, say all the lovesickness.A “say” word, Dao Ming Ping playing superb skills.”At that time the moon is in, once according to the colorful cloud return”, ci poet recalls the scene when parting at the beginning, lang Yue gao Zhao, ping leaves.Now the moon is still in, once according to his cloud-like figure has been adrift, under the moon only the lonely poet alone acacia.This article has been briefly analyzed, I do not know whether you friends found, quoted two lines of Tang poetry, if you have found, prove that you are really learned, if not found, it does not matter, I will reveal the answer to the mystery.Yan Jidao directly quoted two of the poet’s original sentences without any modification.He lived in the late Tang Dynasty and the early Five Dynasties. He was a little-known little poet named Weng Hong.One year, he went out to face the late spring scenery, touched by the scenery, wrote a poem “Spring Remnant”.The poem says: it is spring residual also, how to give cui wei?Falling flowers are independent, tiny swifts fly in pairs.The soul of the eye will be broken, nor the dream of years.That can sorrow evening, xiao Sayao twilight cicada hui.This poem is about a woman who is pregnant in late spring.Poem nod couplet “fallen flower person is independent, micro swift double fly” two sentences, melt feeling into the scene, write beautiful natural, become eternal famous sentence.Friends this time know which two sentences!Yes, it is “the fallen flower independent, small swift flying” these two sentences, directly quoted by Yan Jidao, also makes this song “Linjiang Fairy” much more colorful.In the handling of the written language as “paraphrase”, is one of the classical poetry frequently used rhetorical devices, also known as “borrow, to paraphrase”, is based on the need of literary expression, is good for new works in the works of the predecessors’ verse dissolve, combination, form a new form of language, the author in order to achieve the ideal reconstruction and sublimation.Therefore, “huaushu” is a literary figure of speech as usualese, metaphor, personification and so on. Therefore, “Huaushu” is also a common figure of speech in Chinese classical literature.And Yan Jidao this song “Linjiang Fairy”, is the use of “hua use” big rhetoric, weng Hong “Spring residue” in the poem “independent falling flowers, small swallows fly double” used in “Linjiang Fairy”, the full text of the film “dream after the tower high lock, wine wake curtain hanging low.Hate came last spring.The falling flower is independent, and the tiny swifts fly in pairs.”The use of natural appropriate, appropriate, for the first word of universal popularity made a great contribution.Poetry is the most beautiful words, you are the best of yourself, there are many troubles in life, but there is no trouble, is a poem can not solve.If so, two songs.Read the best poems, read the best words, be the best version of yourself.Selected classic poetry for you.This book is not a dry collection of poetry, nor is it an explanation of poetry.Poetry on Pillow selected poems from Chinese Poetry Conference.Every capital is a classic, every sentence is feelings.Every word is emotional, every word is life.A poem a feeling, a word a realm.Poetry with stories, that is, very beautiful, and storytelling, reading pleasure is excellent.Readers can click the link below to buy ↓