When the Allies attacked Berlin, why did Hitler choose to kill himself instead of making a last ditch effort?

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World War II is by far the largest war in human history, with the largest number of participating countries and people, as well as the largest loss of life and property.Finally this war to represent the right side of China, the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and other Allies, defeated the evil fascist empire ended!At the end of the war, when the Soviet Union invaded Berlin, Hitler, the founder of World War II, still had 700 wehrmacht troops in his hand (there weren’t that many). Why didn’t Hitler make a final push to defend Berlin and kill himself?First, Hitler had seen that the tide was turning!He knows better than anyone the truth that war falls like a mountain and the wall falls like a mountain and everyone pushes it!When the Soviet Union attacked Berlin, it was with 10 million troops, and the Normandy landings on the western front!Faced with such a situation, the Allied forces had already stopped worrying about attacking Berlin. Instead, they were discussing how to take over Germany, who should take over and how much after the war.At this time, Germany was attacked on both sides by the Allied forces. Once the Occupied land and vassal states of the German army, they saw the situation was gone and switched sides!Even if Hitler had seven million troops, that would be an army with no men, no resources, no food.And demoralized, it is no longer the German army that could take over a country in a few days at the beginning of WW2!Second, many micro operations, improper command of Hitler, at the end of the Second World War has been unable to command the German army!From the wehrmacht to assassinate their own head, Hitler can be seen in the German position, this time began to have no firm!In addition to the suicide of Marshal Rommel, and Hitler’s subsequent micro-manipulation of the Soviet-German battlefield, he was no longer the beloved fuhrer he once was!However, Hitler was deeply loved and supported by the German people when he just took office as the supreme leader of Germany. Hitler also actively initiated livelihood projects, built factories and built roads.Just a few years let the German people live a “well-off life”, but all this is just an economic illusion!All through years of government deficits and loans that led to false prosperity;When all this prosperity could not be sustained, Hitler was faced with two choices: first, he had to step down if he could not pay back the money, or second, he could shift the internal conflict and blame everything on external factors!Hitler obviously chose the second and blamed the Treaty of Versailles!Hitler took this step, for him at that time is one arrow more than one step chess, can transfer domestic contradictions, incidentally take back the land and resources originally belong to Germany, seize the money bag of Switzerland, launch a war to unify the whole Europe, become the most beautiful boy in the History of Europe!Conclusion: Hitler did not choose to defend Berlin when the Soviet army and the Western Allies attacked the city. The most important reason was that the German industrial system at that time had been destroyed, there was no resources and soldiers to supply, and the people had already lost their hearts to Hitler!At this time he did meaningless resistance, is no sense!Some say that even if he did not resist, why did he not choose to run away?It was a small world for such a big man. Where could he have gone, and Hitler was already very weak?Is it raining in the Amazon?So Hitler chose to kill himself, which was his last respectability as a loser, a military politician!