Was Xu Really “in the camp of Cao and in the heart of Han” and did not offer cao Cao any advice?

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There are two popular stories about Xu Shu, “Xu Shu entered Caoying without saying a word” and “His body was in Caoying and his heart was in Han”.Of course, the body in cao Ying heart in Han also included Guan Yu!Xu Shu, whose real name was Xu Fu (xu Fu was still used in wei history books as a biography of Xu Shu), was at first a counsellor in the account of Liu Bei and later returned to Cao Cao.And Sima Hui, Zhuge Liang, Cui Zhou Ping and other people are friends.And recommended liang Liang to Liu Bei.Xu Shu’s mother was captured by Cao Cao when he went south. He said goodbye to Liu Bei and entered cao’s camp.Later, the matter was processed by art as “Xu Shu entered Cao Ying without saying a word”, “the body is in Cao Ying, the heart of Cao Ying is in Han” and so on, which has been widely spread.Xu was also lauded as a model of filial piety.So the question arises: Was Xu really in Cao’s camp and in Han’s heart, and did not offer his advice to Cao Cao?In the thirteenth year of Jian ‘an, Xu Shu was fleeing with Liu Bei. His mother was captured by Cao Cao and Xu Shu said goodbye to Liu Bei. Liu Bei could not bear it.”I wanted to create the hegemony of the king with general, relying on this heart, but now my mother was captured by Cao Cao, NOW I have lost my mind, and it is no help to general, so I ask to say goodbye to you.”So Xu went to cao’s camp to save his mother. Shi Tao of the prefecture also went with him.Cao Cao attacked Liu Bei and sent Xu to Fancheng to persuade him to surrender. However, when Xu reached Fancheng, he did not persuade Liu Bei to surrender. Instead, he told Liu Bei to prepare for the coming army.Liu Wanted to keep Xu, but Xu refused, fearing ridicule from the rest of the world, citing zhuge Liang as his advisor. Xu told Liu that although he was at Cao’s camp, he would not offer his counsel to Cao Cao.Therefore, there are “Xu Shu entered Cao Ying without saying a word”, and “in Cao Ying heart in Han” these allusions.‬ in the novel the romance of The Three Kingdoms, cao cao know Liu Beiyong after cao cao as a strategist, at the suggestion of freeze, cao cao’s mother captive to xuchang first, after freeze imitate wrote a letter to cao cao cao cao mother’s notes, writing, see cao cao’s mother, say goodbye to liu bei, recommend nanyang zhuge liang to liu bei before he left, his go alone xuchang.After xu Met his mother in Xuchang, he learned that he had been cheated. Xu’s mother committed suicide after scolding Xu, and Xu vowed never to offer a plan for Cao Cao.During the Battle of Chibi, Xu Shu had already seen through Pang Tong’s interlocking tactics, but he did not tell Cao Cao that cao Cao had forced his mother to death.In the novel Romance of The Three Kingdoms, the plot of Xu and Liu Bei saying goodbye is also very interesting. Liu Bei’s adviser Sun Gan says to Liu Bei, “Xu Is a prodigy in the world and is familiar with xinye. It would be bad for us to let him go.”Liu Bei said, “Mother and son are natural. It’s not appropriate for me to refuse to let him go for my own selfish interests. I can’t do such a thing.”Reluctant to let Xu go, Liu repeatedly tried to dissuade him under the pretext of seeing him off.”My old mother is in Cao’s camp,” Xu said. “She doesn’t even have the heart to drink the liquid.”Liu Bei said, “I feel as if I have lost my right hand and my left hand. Even the liver and the pith of the phoenix are not sweet.””His sovereign will rest assured,” Xu said. “Even if Cao Cao presses him, he will never plan for him.”Liu Bei said, “Since your husband left, Bei was not interested in his career, so he retired to the mountains.”Liu Bei and Xu Shu held hands and looked at each other with tears in their eyes, which was very touching.Both Xu and Liu believed that Liu Bei was a politician with high eq, and Xu was not in Caoying but in Han.In fact, if Xu Shu did not offer his advice to Cao Cao, I don’t think Cao Cao would look at a wooden man every day and reward him. Even if Cao Cao was a high ruler, his ministers would have no opinion of Xu Shu for his lack of merit.And from xelloss ‬ sealing ‬ cao cao ‬ ‬ right in the corps commander, suggestion and cheng on ‬ ‬, should mix after to cao cao cao cao also is very good.After Xu Shu’s departure, Liu Bei did not retreat to the mountains, but later declared himself king and emperor.Liu Bei has always been known for his benevolence and thoughtfulness!In modern people’s opinion, Liu Bei’s decision was meant to convey the following message: “Xu Shu will not kill you or let you go, but you must not inflict pain on me if you reach Cao Cao.”Of course, Xu Shu was also very clever, immediately made a poison oath, cao Cao will not offer a word!Since both sides have expressed their opinions, and both are famous people, it is ok to “understand” each other!In another plot, Xu’s mother committed suicide after meeting him. She told Xu that loyalty and filial piety could not be both ways and forced him to be loyal to the king.If Xu was a filial son, he would have obeyed his mother’s wish and fled from Cao Cao to return to Liu Bei, not remained silent.So why didn’t Xu Return to Bei?With Zhuge Liang at his side, couldn’t Liu Bei have Xu Shu?Xu Shu in the Cao camp, after a long time with Cao Cao and his courtiers, the image of Cao Wei has been greatly different from what he thought, which prompted his three views changed!Whatever the reason, there were signs that Xu’s heart was not in Cao’s, but in Han’s.