Time-honored: Adhere to the brand reputation, stimulate innovation vitality

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They should not only deliver the cultural connotation of brands, but also adapt to the trend of consumption upgrading, activate their innovation potential, create more products to meet market demand, and give old brands new life. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce and other eight departments issued opinions on Promoting innovation and Development of Time-honored Brands.Introduced a series of intensify protection of old, the old inheritance system, stimulate the old creativity and specific measures to cultivate old development momentum, clear in 2025, old protection of heritage and innovation development system basic formation, old sustainable and healthy development of the policy environment to be more perfect, innovation and development more dynamic, products and services more hasten is multivariate,The carrier of inheritance is more abundant, the brand reputation is constantly improved, and the market competitiveness is significantly enhanced.Time-honored brands are saturated with profound cultural deposits and rich historical memories.A cup, a dish, a bowl, filled with the wisdom of traditional Chinese food culture;One screen, one hat and one shirt show the subtlety of Traditional Chinese handicraft.After hundreds of years, time-honored brands are not afraid of time and quality inspection, but also the carrier of excellent traditional Chinese culture.Protecting and inheriting time-honored brands and promoting innovative development of time-honored brands are not only the inheritance of traditional industries and commercial culture, but also the need to cultivate cultural confidence.The integration of traditional culture and modern business is not easy.In the past period of time, some time-honored brands have also encountered development problems in skills inheritance, brand communication and sales methods.There are also many time-honored brands that actively innovate and develop, transform and seek change, subdivide customers and markets, develop new products and sub-brands, attract more young consumer groups, follow the trend of consumption upgrading, and find a balance between sticking to brand culture and stimulating brand vitality.The premise of innovation lies in adherence.The first is to adhere to the highest quality requirements.The value of laozihao is to uphold originality, perfection, adhere to the ultimate pursuit of quality, so it has strong vitality.In the context of modern mechanization and large-scale manufacturing, the traditional craftsmanship and craftsman spirit of time-honored brands are more valuable.The second lies in the care of brand value.The time-honored brand has accumulated profound brand value and is also a symbol of excellent quality.Under the new market environment, time-honored brands have inherent brand advantages, so they should pass the brand culture and strengthen the brand foundation through more diversified ways.Innovation is the best way to inherit.Some time-honored brands are in trouble because their products are not innovative enough to attract young consumers.China’s online retail sales reached 13.1 trillion yuan in 2021, up 14.1 percent year on year, showing steady growth in the online retail market, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.The Internet has sunk retail and made customers younger.Faced with multi-level and young consumer groups, laozihao should not only convey brand cultural connotation to customers, but also study the characteristics of young consumers’ pursuit of novelty, innovate more products to meet market demand and expand new consumption channels.In addition, laozihao are mainly concentrated in food processing, catering, accommodation, medicine and other fields.With the continuous development of social life, people have more new requirements for healthy diet, travel accommodation and health care.While adhering to the essence of the brand, laozihao needs to make corresponding changes according to the changes in people’s life and eating habits, so as to bring new vitality to the old brand.Adherence to and innovation is the key to revitalize the brand value of time-honored brands.Advanced, original brand core only with the wings of innovation can fly further.We expect time-honored brands to follow the trend of consumption upgrading, activate their innovation potential, and create more products to meet market demand.(Source: People’s Daily)