The most insignificant female character in The World tells the truth

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The popularity of the contemporary drama “The World” has been soaring since its inception. It takes the growth of three children of Zhou’s family in the Northeast “Guangzi area” as the clue, and slowly unfolds the picture scroll of history.There are tears in almost every episode of the detail-packed show, and you can’t stop.In this play, whether Mr Na as plain old mother, the indefatigable Zheng Juan YanTao playing or small song jia Zhou Rong plays run for love are strong enough, in contrast, the eldest son ping-i Chou young daughter-in-law dong-mei hao exist are the lowest, but is such a humble little fine goods but bear play the main role of “turning point”,And contributed a lot of “human truth” to the show.Hao Dongmei’s sense of non-existence is determined by the characters themselves.The title of “The World” sounds big, but in fact, it takes the mode of seeing the big by the small, using the experience of three generations of Zhou family as the breakthrough point to restore the changes of The Times.Relative to zhou’s status as a worker, hao Dongmei, the daughter of the provincial governor, is obviously a bit out of place.In other words, it is the special era background that just lets her and the zhou Bingyi that comes from small outstanding had the possibility together, but this also doomed her and zhou’s close feeling won’t be so strong.This is the threshold that the character cannot cross, regardless of the actor’s performance or the number of shots.In addition, it’s important to note that the other female characters in “The World” are too distinctive.As Zhou’s mother, Sarzina is affectionate and down-to-earth. Even a glance at her son or a detail of tears is enough to make you empathize.Song Jia played zhou Rong beauty and wisdom in a body, all personality, whether in the special era to run for love, or in order to develop their own career and put her daughter in the hometown, let her and other women.And The Zheng Juan played by Yin Tao is a genuine virtuous daughter-in-law, although the background and ability is not much strong, but only for her to wake up the vegetable mother-in-law this point, she is in the most important week home status is the most stable.In contrast, Hao Dongmei’s position is very awkward.Be favored than zhou Rong however, pay than Zheng Juan however, as a week’s parents son’s daughter-in-law also can’t give birth to children, in addition to having a leader’s father, almost no advantage.But in those days, it wasn’t much of an advantage to lead a father. It made the difference even more pronounced.But from another point of view, it is these “disadvantages” that make Hao Dongmei purer.She does not ask to week home, what value most only is husband Zhou Bingyi, for beloved man, she is willing to get used to the habit of mother-in-law home and rules, do a good daughter-in-law diligently.Zhou Rong in the adult family only take, no pay;And zheng Juan’s filial piety in exchange for the opportunity that enters zhou jia gate, only hao Dongmei is compared because of love purely, ability is associated with zhou Jia diligently.There are two arrangements can see hao Dongmei zhou’s recognition and want to blend in.Zhou Rong’s adoration CAI Xiaoguang suffers family involvement cannot read university, Zhou Bingkun does not think to report, it is Hao Dongmei takes the initiative to seek father to help.Logically, she will not know the principle of parents, but she still for love and husband’s family opened the mouth, visible in her heart zhou Jia and the importance of zhou Jia.The second time was when she tried to arrange a meeting between her parents and zhou’s parents.On the night of the emergency treatment for her father’s asthma relapse, she quarreled with her mother because her secretary gave her the wrong gift.This grievance is no doubt as a daughter-in-law and wife in a dilemma, but more is that she cares about the feelings of her father-in-law and her husband, in order to zhou she would rather turn against her mother’s family, this point also shows her position.As simple as her, even because of her father-in-law’s attitude and ignored, it shows how real the portrayal of this character.Hao Dongmei, who seems to have no sense of existence, is actually the most worthy character in “The World”. To some extent, her survival in the gap is also a reminder of the other side of zhou family harmony and friendship.In social life, there will never be a “paradise of peach blossoms”, and Zhou’s home will never be an island. Hao Dongmei’s insignificant but indispensable existence makes the world more colorful, which is the most touching part of such a documentary work.