The marathon is over, but love remains

2022-05-21 0 By

Words:Since 2016, marathon sprang up like mushrooms, and thanks to hold marathon condition is to relax, so we can see the kind of pomp at the time, every week runners to do “choice”, because every weekend, to have a much different place on the same day marathon, for competitive runners, they must weigh the pros and cons,Try to avoid more elite, but for ordinary runners, of course, good race experience is the main, while most of them are facing back-to-back race, the body consumption is relatively large, that stage is the “climax” period of marathon.Now reading the marathon application platform, few would be able to sign up, since even able to sign up, eventually they mostly can’t get away from the result of the delay and cancellation, so most of the time, doomed from the start as a result, this also is hit the runners registration enthusiasm, small game simply would not be held, they risk ability is limited after all.Take Chongqing Marathon for example, after the large-scale registration in 2019, most of the events were either restricted or cancelled. Such a Grand Slam event could not avoid such a result, which is still regrettable.Of course, the reason why it can’t be held is obvious to all of us. The marathon, an event involving tens of thousands of people, is destined to be out of line with the current situation and will continue to be such a situation for a long time, that is, runners have no chance to participate in the race at all.In at the beginning when the marathon boom, also attracted many people to run, is to achieve the goal for a popular movement, also a lot of people in order to meet their own vanity or enhancing the self-confidence to run, no matter what kind of purpose, as long as can stick to running is a good thing, after all have health, perhaps more important than anything, just talk to sketch,One’s regret is that he has lost his people and his money.Now people who can still insist on running are indeed people who love running very much. After all, without the “stimulation” of the race, many people do not know what running is for. Perhaps the enthusiasm of participating in the race, watching their PB again and again, is a kind of happiness.Maybe now if there is a race, there will be a situation of empty people, many people start to cram for long distance training, which is the opposite of the original purpose of holding a marathon.No matter what time, marathon is just a carrier, carrying the encouragement and stimulation for us. Once such a carrier is gone, we still have to keep running. After all, long-term healthy running is really good for our body.