I do practical things for the masses medical workers with “dedication” for the people “peace”

2022-05-21 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the majority of medical workers in Zhuhai give up rest, stick to their jobs, escort health and protect the health of the people with meticulous services.The reporter entered the People’s Hospital, swept the green code, took the temperature, and registered the information. The medical staff at the gate did a good job of epidemic prevention and control for those who entered the hospital as usual.Doctors and nurses are busy on their own posts, checking patients’ conditions, giving injections and delivering medicine, and keeping the whole process on duty and on call.Xie Liping is a paediatric nurse of the People’s Hospital, and has worked in the people’s Hospital for 15 years.In 15 years, she has not spent a Single Spring Festival at home. This year, Xie Liping is no exception. As a pediatrician, she will always protect the safety of every child.During the Spring Festival, medical workers are on call 24 hours a day and their mobile phones are turned on to meet new tasks at any time. This is a true portrayal of every medical worker.To them, the patient’s life is above all else, the responsibility is weightier than mount Tai, a little more selfless, a little more health.