Bring together “her” strength to fight the epidemic!The Female entrepreneur branch of Yantai Private Enterprise Association donated epidemic prevention materials and rushed to the front line to help

2022-05-21 0 By

On the morning of March 24, the female entrepreneur branch of Yantai Private Enterprise Association held a simple donation ceremony of epidemic prevention materials in shunda dental clinic.Entrepreneurs’ representatives of the Women Entrepreneurs Branch of the Yantai Association of Private Enterprises donated more than 90,000 yuan of epidemic prevention materials and 15,500 yuan in cash to the Yantai and Zhifu Women’s Federations.Leaders of the Yantai And Zhifu women’s Federations expressed gratitude to the women entrepreneurs who donated the supplies, saying that all the supplies would be used on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.Under the leadership of Qi Rencai, the president of the Women Entrepreneurs Branch of yantai Private Enterprise Association, the women entrepreneurs took active action and donated love. They invested in the purchase of air disinfection machines, disinfectants, medical masks and other epidemic prevention materials to support the front-line fight against the epidemic.Qi rencai said, “Under the epidemic, most of us female entrepreneurs are also facing a lot of economic pressure to suspend production and pay salaries to employees. However, we are still under the pressure to donate money and materials to the prevention and control of the epidemic.We launched a charity donation call in the group, and on the same day, the charity materials were successively delivered to the association.These days, supplies have been coming in, they’ve been coming in.We also call on all of you to take active action, give love, and gather the strength of love into a joint force to jointly fight the epidemic and win the battle against the epidemic.”Editor in charge: Gao Han