Yin Xingshan, deputy secretary general of the Municipal Government, visited Lingang District to investigate the 12345 hotline

2022-05-20 0 By

On February 17, Yin Xingshan, deputy secretary general of Weihai Municipal government, led a team to investigate and discuss the convenience hotline 12345 of Lingang District.District Party working committee member, party and government office director Chen Peiyi to participate in the investigation.In the qinquan community of 蔄 town, Yin Xingshan and his delegation visited the site and learned about the working practices of the community in dealing with hotline appeals and serving the masses.Yin xingshan stressed that we should adhere to the “people-centered” service concept, listen to people’s feelings and solve people’s worries sincerely, make targeted attacks and actively plan for reasonable demands of the masses, and do a good job as “close friends” and “close friends” of the masses.We should further promote the governance model of dealing with people before they complain, encourage grid workers and community workers to make in-depth visits, learn about people’s urgent problems and demands in the first place, and promote the transformation of contacting and serving people from “passive response” to “active action”.In caomiaozi Town social Governance Service Center, Yin Xingshan and his delegation held a discussion with the district social governance Service Center special class and heads of each town, listening to the difficult problems existing in the work of each unit and suggestions on the hotline work.During the discussion, Yin Xingshan gave full recognition to the work of the district 12345 government service convenience hotline. He encouraged the staff of the hotline to continue to optimize the working mode, summarize and refine the excellent work experience, implement the management, refine the service, and make every effort to improve the satisfaction rate of appeals handling.We need to make overall plans for the work of the hotline in the New Year, determine the focus of the work and improve the direction, coordinate with the city, county, town and community at four levels, fulfill their duties, overcome difficulties, constantly improve the efficiency of the hotline appeals handling, and effectively play the role of the hotline as a bridge to communicate with the people.