Short track speed skating CCTV commentary guest is Yang Yang, why not invite Wang Meng?Or because she was “reckless.”

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CCTV radiates the whole country, covers the world, can be said to be the most influential media in China, one of the most influential media in the world.But don’t forget that CCTV represents the country. CCTV’s full name is “China Media Group”, which represents the position and image of the country. Therefore, it is very serious and careful when producing, reviewing and broadcasting programs, and tries to avoid program accidents that may damage the national image.When CCTV broadcasted the short-track speed skating event, Yang Yang was invited to commentate on the guest. Yang Yang is the creator of China’s gold medal zero at the Winter Olympics. In 2002, the then 27-year-old Yang Yang won the women’s 500-meter race with 44.187 seconds.She went on to win the women’s 1,000m in 1 minute 36.391 seconds.She and her teammates won a silver medal in the women’s 3,000m relay.Yang’s achievements were some of the most iconic moments for Chinese athletes at the Winter Olympics.And after retirement, Yang Yang has also been active in winter competitions.As a guest commentator, Yang Yang also fits CCTV’s demure image.Why don’t you invite Wang Meng?”Good fall, good fall…”This is Wang Meng, commentary in the table.Her style does not suit CCTV.CCTV must maintain an objective and impartial attitude and be precise in its choice of words. Even when there is a Chinese team, commentators must maintain respect for players from other countries, not even making fun of them.In other platforms, relatively free, but also can not be outspoken.She is a “brash person” with a whimpering style that works well in video commentary, where she can say whatever she wants and have a personal style.Wang Meng is very humorous. She once led the national team and she is also very familiar with some current athletes. She is sure that there will be a lot of heat.Wang Meng is humorous and easy-going, without image burden. As a professional coach, she must know more about the rules. She has to be professional, domboyant and topic specific.If Wang Meng goes to CCTV, in case she beats the table when explaining, it will be troublesome.Wang Meng and Huang Jianxiang partner commentary, what she said compared to Huang Jianxiang those still outrageous, sometimes Huang Jianxiang dare not answer.If someone falls, she hits the table, and in her eyes, they all deserve to go.Wang Meng’s words ah, if said in CCTV, will certainly be complained.CCTV sports commentator, also a part of an event, represents the image of a national media.The connotation of the Olympic spirit, there is competition, there are challenges, containing the unity, friendship, lecturers should be as neutral as possible, lead everyone to enjoy the sport itself, of course, the narrator is also a person, will have a certain bias, but patriotism is not equal to patriotism, anything, has his feeling, wang meng’s lack of feeling of speaking style,Not suitable for CCTV.