Ma Li and Wei Xiang’s new work was renamed after being questioned about the porcelain “Li Huanying”

2022-05-20 0 By

With the retirement of the generation of comedians like Stephen Chow and Zhao Benshan, Shen Teng, Ma Li and Jia Ling have become the pillars of the current comedy film.Shen Teng’s mahua funage has become the head of the comedy industry, including musicals, network dramas, movies, sketches and stage plays.Mr. Loser and The Richest Man in Hong Kong have brought Mahua Funage to the eyes of the audience, and there are many comedy films produced every year, but it does not mean that they are of high quality. Films like Hotel Never Set, Aunt Li Cha and Monster Bell bell are all rated very low.Recently, Mahua happy film “Brother, hello” set a file in April, by Ma Li, Wei Xiang, Chang Yuan starring.”Brother, hello” pay tribute to Labor Day, the protagonist will pass a journey back to the past, the fate of several people from the series collision.”Brother, hello” formerly known as “xiao Wu Ge”, tells the story of young people because of an accident back to the past, the fate of parents and friends because of his arrival has undergone earth-shaking changes.The film’s title format and story outline are reminiscent of Jia Ling’s “Hello, Li Huanying.””Hello, Lee Hwan-young” is a story about her encounter with her young mother, Lee Hwan-young, who accidentally travels back in time 20 years ago.Although the core of the story is different, it is the same time back to the past, and parents meet to develop the expression mode of affection will inevitably make people doubt “Brother, Hello” touch porcelain “Li Huanying”.Can’t Mahua have its own original film, no matter “Goodbye Mr. Loser” or “The Rich Man of Hong Kong” are remade foreign films, the hit “The Killer is not too Cool”, is also a remake of The Japanese “Magic Time”.The Killer, starring Ma Li and Wei Xiang, was a surprise hit during this year’s Spring Festival. Although the box office of Watergate Bridge fell short of that of Watergate Bridge, it was the only comedy film of the Spring Festival. Ma Li became the first Chinese actress to earn 10 billion yuan.However, Ma Li also starred in many bad films, and Chang Yuan co-starred in Li MAO for Prince, the early publicity was very strong, but the feature film was very disappointing, the plot was pulled down, the score was very low.Netizens not only question the actors, but also have less and less trust in mahua Funage’s films.Some netizens ridicule in the comment area, see Ma Li, Chang Yuan cooperation is bad film reservation, film than a bad, happy mahua is to play understand, as long as the marketing is done well can still a lot of money circle.Some netizens even spoke up in the comments section, frowning at the sight of Ma’s leading role.After mahua Funage became popular, he became popular in comedy films, but the quality of comedy films he produced was getting lower and lower, and he did not care about his feathers. How long could the fame of Shen Teng and Ma Li support him?As for whether “Hello, Brother” is bad, we’ll know when it comes out.