Kim Seon-tae, the chewing gum coach of short track speed skating

2022-05-20 0 By

Watching the short track speed skating competition, the uncle wearing the Chinese national team uniform chewing gum, many people wonder who he is, in fact, our Korean foreign teacher Kim Shantai, chewing gum probably to relieve tension.Some time ago, Sun Long said on his Micro blog that Coach Jin gave a red envelope to every athlete, and in these two days of competition, he was always the first player to come off the court.You see, as soon as Ren Ziwei finished skating, he ran to Coach Kim’s side and cried in front of him. Ren Ziwei released his emotions all of a sudden.Coach Kim hugged Him tenderly like a friend.Talking about Kim Sun-dae, old ice fans are no strangers.From 2004 to 2006 and from 2010 to 2014, Kim taught in Changchun, China twice, and discovered famous stars such as Zhou Yang, Han Tianyu and Liang Wenhao.Jin shantai said in an interview that he still keeps in touch with Zhou Yang, the Olympic champion, and they have dinner together every time they return to Changchun.Kim, who is fluent in Mandarin thanks to his long coaching career in China, wrote a handwritten letter in Chinese to Zhou Yang, who had just been selected for the national team.Jin’s familiarity with the Chinese language and his knowledge of the players greatly shortened the period during which he took over the Chinese team.In contrast to the strict attitude of Korean coaches, Kim is much milder. He believes coaches need to not only teach skills, but more importantly communicate with athletes. “Athletes are not happy when they lose, so it is better to tell them where they lost.”The executive team leader Sun Linlin also praised coach Jin’s ability. Coach Jin also studied Chinese seriously. Wang Meng joked that he didn’t finish the class.Let’s take a quiz. Sports have no borders. What I see is the Korean coaches’ love for short track speed skating.Thanks to Coach Jin for supporting China’s short track speed skating!