Construction of power grid in Gansu province began

2022-05-20 0 By

In the afternoon of February 25th, the state Grid Gansu Power Company to serve the “double carbon” goal to help the “four strong” action grid construction project centralized start mobilization meeting was held in Lanzhou.Vice governor Li Peixing attended the conference, for the construction unit party members commando flag, video scheduling site, and announced the start of construction.In 2022, Gansu province started or extended 136 power grid projects, with a total investment of 18.3 billion yuan.Li Peixing expressed his sympathy to all the staff of Gansu power grid construction and affirmed the achievements of gansu new energy development and Gansu power transmission since last year.He pointed out that in the “double carbon” background, “scenery” big province Gansu ushered in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.With the solid implementation of a series of policies and support measures, the orderly promotion of large-scale wind power photovoltaic base projects, will bring comprehensive development opportunities for the whole industry chain of new energy, gansu province to build a new energy equipment manufacturing industry cluster, the construction of a hundred-billion new energy industry chain, vigorously implement strong industrial action injected strong power.Li Peixing stressed that the relevant departments of the province and the cities and states should seize the opportunity to serve the project construction, solve the problems encountered in the project construction, and jointly build the project well.Each project construction unit should arrange the time and progress well, fight the project construction battle well, while ensuring the power supply task, ensure the “good start” of the first quarter, and strive to achieve the “prosperous year”.Yongdeng County, Yumen City, Wudu district and other 4 places set up branch meetings.