Can you believe the cast of Operation Red Sea, directed by Ghosh?

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Because of the outbreak, a trade war, Hong Kong, and so on a variety of reasons, with problems we face at home and abroad for military theme film and television play boom in recent years, whether it’s film “war Wolf” series, such as “long jin lake” series ever made box office jiuge, or TV series “soldiers surprise”, “Armageddon”, the cable forces “and other series of flowers,All prove that the military related theme films and TV plays rise to lead the network heat.Recently, it has been widely rumored on the Internet that the 2018 box office champion “Operation Red Sea” is planning to make a TV version. This action movie directed by Dante Lam and starring Zhang Yi, Huang Jingyu, Hai Qing, Du Jiang, Jiang Luxia and so on raked in 3.6 billion yuan at the box office, which is the first successful shot of military films.”Operation Red Sea” tells the story of the Chinese Navy “Jiaolong commandos” 8 team was ordered to carry out the evacuation mission, commandos divided into two ways to rescue, but unfortunately was ambushed, casualties;At the same time, in the crushing of the rebel leader’s spectacular plot of victory.It is believed that the planning of the TV version is to see the popularity of the film version and hope to continue its influence.Network spread the red sea dragon attack action is in preparation for the arrival of march boot, the drama version of the red sea action of both the director and the actors are all top big coffee for the industry’s top team, in order to make up for the movie version of the plot is limited by the length deficiency, although there is no official finalised, but from the network team can peep show producers of determination and ambition.To build IP influence, the Red Sea Dragon team was ordered to film version of “Operation Red Sea” in the most eye-catching is not Zhang Yi and Huang Jingyu.Yang Rui, played by Zhang Yi, is a determined and well-mannered captain of the “Jiaolong Commando”.In the implementation of the task of driving pirates received instructions from the superior evacuation action, led the Dragon commandos to the North Of Africa to the Republic of Ivia to perform the task, and finally successfully completed the task.In addition to the excellent interpretation of the best actor Zhang Yi, Huang Jingyu as the sniper Gu Shun is “Jiaolong commandos” in the outstanding, he has a sniper accustomed to calm and serious.Because of the original Jiaolong commando sniper Luo Xing injured, was ordered to perform the evacuation mission.Drama version of “Operation Red Sea Dragon attack” in order to continue the IP influence of “Operation Red Sea” in the Dragon team, must take out the production level of the film version, as a director gao Xixi himself is a rare TV drama director of military theme.The major drama Armageddon that he directed in 2021 not only received 7.8 points, which is rare for military dramas, but also won many awards of huading Awards, which represents the peak level of TV drama production.In addition, the drama version of the Red Sea Action Dragon attack in the cast, but also to pay enough sincerity.Plans to invite team was too strong, excellent actress play bone from soaring net the cast of the play is quite strong, military strength old play bone Zhang Yi film awards over the years, at the same time as a shadow version of the red sea action, undisputed number one male to play version, a wave of fine memories kill wouldn’t let the audience becomes the sea, its persuasion and appeal must also can let the fans back to play.Although ou Hao, who was born in the talent show, is not so big compared to the rest of the leading actors, his tough guy image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the audience by virtue of his roles in a number of theme films.Whether it is “Eight Hundred” in the Dragon Boat Festival “I don’t want to die, but someone will die”, “Changjin Lake” in the alone with the enemy of Yang Gensi, “The Captain” in the windshield burst moment was sucked out of the window xu Yicchen, “China Doctor” in the collapse of crying takeout boy are impressive.As to 00 after the first breakthrough in the billions of box office Jackson, already depending on individual acting capability and professionalism won numerous, removed the flow idol no acting skills, from the first film starring the young you start to release Spring Festival gear box office champion “watergate bridge of long jin lake”, its box office all over 1 billion per movie starring,It would be the biggest surprise and expectation for audiences to return to the TV series and play the version of Operation Red Sea.In the film version of Operation Red Sea, Hai Qing plays Shannon, an aspiring war correspondent whose husband and children are killed in a terrorist bombing in London.Whether the return of the sea qing on behalf of the war reporter xia Nan has been tracking the terrorists will appear again in the drama version?Seriously, if that’s the case, operation Red Sea would be the most anticipated show of the year, wouldn’t you say?Hot selection “the world” 3 people ending makes a person sigh with emotion, Feng Cheng derailed, Zhou Bingkun 12 years in prison TV ratings list: “dress up” row in the last, “old boudoir” the second “this killer is not too calm” is copy copy bad bad film?Or comedy in all its flaws?