Qinghai originally so good “color”, so colorful salt lake, you love it

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If it comes to the masterpiece of nature, the next recommended cliff jade lake is really too beautiful, absolutely is very recommended!This overturns my impression of this salt lake, Manya (YA), meaning “forehead” in Mongolian, is located in the “west most west” of Qaidam Basin, adjacent to Xinjiang Ruoqiang County, commonly known as “vast cliff”.Have you ever seen a lake that looks like a hami melon rind?From G315, it is “philippe” from a distance, and “cui” from a close perspective.In 2017, in manya Jingxin Hualong Potash Fertilizer Co., LTD brine mining area found the “water reflecting Danxia, Kunlun sunset” wonders, a more and more become people to yearn for hanhai secret land.The artificial lake is green and in different shades of oil painting colors, with an area of 26 square kilometers and an average depth of 0.5 meters. It belongs to magnesium sulfate subtype salt lake, producing various elements of potassium, magnesium and lithium with good quality.Its green is shallow and deep, in the air to fully appreciate, green rhyme, green soft, green scenery, and at the moment, the vast ya lake, the lake quiet beauty, charming, into the eyes, into the heart, time seems to be still in general, in addition to the camera click sound, there is the peer’s praise.When you touch it, your hands will be covered with salt crystals. Some people will say that people will step on dirty things and destroy the environment.In fact, these are artificial salt lakes dug up, and where there is water, no one will step over them.These colors are grown, so they’re all industrial materials.The body in the distance is a bit red, which would certainly look better at sunset.For example, here is like the color of the cantaloupe, white layers and layers of yantan and cover on the surface, it compared to big had emerald lake, arc is not the same, he is a very pure green, blue sky and white clouds, coupled with the beautiful roads, everything is so harmonious ~ where the road opposite sides-to hold are black, not suitable for sitting on the edge, and where the water is less,Therefore, it is a little difficult to take a photo. Salt lakes are covered with a thin layer of water, so it is not easy to walk across.These are mineral water, but also can’t drink, and touch get started immediately after a layer of eye cream cover above, there is also a scenic spot registration hasn’t been exploited to get into, so want to come here to friends, not too hot now, not absolute before admission to a view of his presence!Northwest tourism can see the scenery, Chinese people are worthy of the name, today we came to Aiken Spring, here is no admission, now many places in the northwest do not say admission, which makes me feel very surprised, first of all, the devil’s Eye is a rolling spring.And the surrounding area has been dyed red.It’s amazing that someone developed a landscape like this that you can only see on TV, right here in China. The Devil’s Eye is in Qinghai.The southwestern edge of the Qaidam Basin, in fact, is around.Very much wetland, here is a geothermal hot spring.She calls it sex because birds and beasts are afraid to go near love which means scary.This unusual hot spring, because the sulfur is too high, the birds and beasts around the spring do not dare to approach, it will not be like the United States Yellowstone Park spray out, and there is no feeling of heat.When the water rolls, it looks clear, but only because the minerals in the water, such as sulfur, stain the surrounding area red, and the red covering around it is very much like an eye. Red eyeballs are certainly associated with demons, so Aiken Spring is called the Devil’s Eye.It was a fitting description. There was no grass growing where the spring flowed.This unusual hot spring, because the sulfur is too high, the birds and beasts around the spring are not close to, where the spring flows through no grass.Because this is the only scenic spot that can be higher by aerial photography, you actually can’t see any beautiful scenery.If your drone is bold enough, you can get a very clear picture.It’s also a haven for airport drones because it looks better from above, and there are places to rent them out.The sound of flying is full of light, almost shook my ears as soon as MY eyes saw about a dozen drones, at the same time in the sky was not knocked down, has been calculated, some drones because of too close to the fountain, and may fall down.The sound behind the spring is particularly mysterious. It may be related to deep fractures and tilting of the aquifer, but there is a lack of a complete report on the Aiken Spring, and its genesis, discharge and chemical composition need further investigation and analysis.From a distance, the ground around it already has a kind of travertine feel, kind of like a yellow dragon. Of course, the amount of water and water doesn’t make it as white as a Turkish cotton fort, and there’s no obvious layers, but it’s interesting just to look at it.By the time the Devil’s Eye springs downstream, there is already grass on the banks, and nature is resilient.The road leading to Aiken Spring is a sandy road, and the surrounding swamp is more and there are wild animals. Qualified tourists should drive off-road vehicles to accompany them, and do not go into the water to play and drink the spring water after arriving.Everybody knew nothing grows all around, must the water can’t drink, because of the hot spring is contains a lot of sulfur, although it is a of sulfur, but no smell of sulphur is very worth to take photos in this place, dressed in a red walking around here, there are some red travertine landscape is tie-in, very beautiful, is very shocked,There are layers of water on the surface, like.Nature’s shaping is mediocre.The part of the ground that has dried up is still loose. If you don’t have drones, you can take photos with the snowy mountains and red lakes and swamps on the ground. There is also a magical lake in Qinghai.Its name is lake Sitai Kennel.It is a salt lake, an oversized lithium deposit dominated by brine.Its magic lies in the fact that a road divides the water into two bicolor lakes.The green side is bright green due to the high level of copper ions in the lake, which looks like a giant mandarin hot pot from the air.According to relevant data records, West Tai Jiner Lake was formed 2.6 million years ago, and most of the lakes in northwest China are salt water lake, and further subdivided, it belongs to magnesium sulfate subtype salt lake.Once the temperature drops to zero, the salt begins to condense, and instead of the green surface of the lake, you’ll see white “salt ponds,” sometimes with both liquid and solid.Although beautiful, but we still do not use the hand to touch, after all, this kind of salt and alkali composition is higher, easy to cause discomfort to the skin, or “look at the distance and not obscene play yan”!Some people say that he is the paradise of explorers, some people say that he is the death zone of angels and demons coexist, this is the jasper on the Gobi Desert, but also a lost world a lot of people do not know here, after all, want to see a strange scene, must drive through the far no man’s land, to see his elegant appearance.As long as you go next to the northwest desert grassland everywhere, but few people in the place where you can see the water yadan landform, even the locals know little about this did amazing beauty, plus there is completely development, so, all is the shape of the virgin soil, when we come here we found there is even a deer is submerged under water,Maybe the water around it has risen.Because of the special landform here, we are all worried about how much these places will cost if they are charged. This scenic spot has already been charged, and it costs 120 yuan.In fact, such a price is quite expensive, so it sent our drone to shoot.All the footage below is from a drone.This stone reminds me of the huge iceberg I saw in the Antarctic. The shape of the iceberg is similar to his, but the iceberg is formed by melting water and itself, like a piece of bread, which is cut naturally if you do not sigh at the extraordinary workmanship of nature.Another reason why it is not worth it is that there are not many stones here that you can climb in person, and that is what happens when you climb in person, without losing too much perspective.These stones are exposed on the surface of the lake, giving the impression that thousands of boats are racing against each other.How did this place get so magical?One year, it is said, heavy rains ended with a flash flood that diverted the river from its current, so it became a lake, and some say that the surrounding lake of Chenaire was too deep, so it gradually flooded the city of Yadam to the north.If it’s at sunrise or sunset.The most beautiful shooting water Yadan, golden Yadan, wave reflection, beautiful.The lake here is clear to see the bottom, with dark green and dark blue two colors, into the water Yadan, one can not see the end of the stone column forest in where, in the magical place, spend 120 pieces of tickets come in, you feel worth it?You know what?There is such a beautiful saline-alkali land in Qinghai.The seemingly lifeless but vibrant Qaidam Basin.The salt in it is like cotton wool, and it is actually toxic.The lake water originates from the Kunlun Mountains Hortobanri snow Mountain and Bukada Banri snow Mountain, to say here and the Maldives is the biggest difference is what, that is, the water here can not fall.A total area of 121.3 square kilometers, is everywhere looks like such a wonderful color, you want to have a look, mainly rely on the Dongtai Jiner River supply belongs to the Qaidam desert arid, extremely arid climate, we come here, must be prepared for sun protection.Jiner Lake in Dongtai is boundless, especially like the sea, so you can see the Maldives in your mind here.The lake is 2681 meters above sea level, which is a small plateau.Annual rainfall is less than 25 mm.The recent Dongtai Jiner Lake is not too red, the tourists on the road said that there was no one last year, although this year is not People Mountain People sea, but it has been the most People in several scenic spots in Qinghai. Dongtai Jiner Lake and West Jiner Lake to water Yadan as the boundaryPoint, located in the east and west directions ~ located on the 315 national Road, is the only way to the water Yadan ~ Dongtai Jainer Lake is a brine (liquid) – based oversized frontal deposit.Brine corrosion resistance is very high, can see at the door to show card ~ but if you want to go to a channel in the middle of the lake, unavoidably to eliminate past ~ the lake water is very, very excited, as the water depth changes present different degree of aerial blue ~ is still the more striking, dongtai JiNaiEr lake is very suitable for colorful dress, but would have some back if the light is too strongLight to hear play better in the morning, the lake relatively quiet little Tip: advice in slippers, barefoot walk will pain syndromes in the lake is called yu, of course, if you want to do a foot massage can be barefoot in all directions, ha ha ~ shoes away water, shoes can basically scrapped ~ this is the “web celebrity spots” of recent years, suddenly hot, this place is a big hill.G315 National Road, Geermu city, Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, there are actually a lot of big trucks, often through here to become a popular scenic spot, then there are a lot of people standing on the road to take photos, in fact, is a very dangerous behavior, if the brake can not stop the car, the consequences are unimaginable.It’s like Route 66 in America, but in China.Deserts, highways, u-shaped roads like roller coasters, Qinghai is really too many wonders, have to admire our infrastructure.Is a very special scenery line you see before the eyes is green powder like the scenery of balsamic essence, in fact, is a man-made delay, it is called big Chai Dan jade pool.This 6 square kilometers of jade lake is called big Chaidan Lake Yuan City Big Chaidan Chemical Plant Salt Lake mining area, so there are a variety of colors, when the weather is good, like a mirror reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, just like a fairyland.Do you know the shade of color, one is because minerals do not understand, but what is the black and white side?In fact, the white ones are crystals of these salts, while the black ones become black because people walk too much and the sand outside is blown by the wind. It’s not easy for you to find the most special shape of the lake on this one, because the red ones are heart-shaped lakes, and some heart-shaped lakes were dug out by hand.So a lot of people will say, can not find us to build a bai bai big Chai Dan of Fei Cuihu is not formed by a complete lake, it is a lot of large and small lakes and the formation of the color is enough different, from a distance is agate jade like a gem in general sure enough ah, the more beautiful place is always more difficult to go.Tomorrow will attract many tourists to visit here, painting, photography, photography, but it is not as famous as qinghai before those attractions, such as tea sea salt lake, during the National Day reception for 100000 tourists, is really very exaggerated, come here to take a picture of zhang meimei, will be a wonderful experience in your life, remember don’t stand too close to the water’s edge,This water is highly toxic, and if you fall in it, you have to wash it quickly. It will definitely choke you.There are also some white crystals on the lake, but it is very likely to fall off, there was a woman fell off on Douyin before, it is really terrible.Of course, because the scenery here needs to be taken by drones, so it is also a scenic spot where drones crash the most. We come here to play with tens of thousands of drones, so we must be careful.