“I love Weihai so much” where, will become the next net red card?

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In early March 2022, during the epidemic, a photo titled “I Love Weihai So Much” went viral on Wechat.People took this opportunity to express weihai’s determination to fight the epidemic and express their wishes to their beloved city in a literary way during the special period of home quarantine.Now, with spring, the epidemic has dissipated.Today we go to see, “I love Weihai so” in which place shine?”Mountain rear” is the common name of Sunjiatuan Street area in the north of Weihai by the old Weihai people. An ancient muling separates this area from the urban area into two worlds.From the bustling downtown through the ancient road tunnel into the “mountain”, found that the side seemed to be quiet a lot of.Here, quiet and leisurely, the road is wide, few vehicles, a winding road around the sea, the scenery along the chain of beads, emitting a warm and natural luster, really live up to the reputation of Weihai “back garden”.The sea, the beach, the pine waves, the fresh air, the warm sunshine, the blue sky, and the comfortable and slow life make people fall in love with it at once.”I Love Weihai so much” is in Jingzi village of Sunjiatuan street, whose village name comes from the nearby Jingzi Mountain.There is a dragon King Temple in the village, which has a history of more than 400 years, and the dragon King Temple on Liugong Island is called the two oldest dragon King temples in Weihai.Walk down the beach along the Dragon King Temple of Jingzi Village, you will see the slogan of “I love Weihai so much” in the distance, and the exact location is the beach wall opposite and below the Hisense Mission Hills sales office in Jingzi Village.If you love, you love the sea breeze blowing, the sky is high and the clouds are clear.The seven Chinese characters “I Love Weihai So Much” stand out on the artistic blue background of Weihai, with the line “My Favorite Life” in English at the bottom.This beach wall with quite style has attracted many little brothers and sisters to punch in.Xiao Meng, a non-local tourist, took a lot of selfies with great interest. She said that the clean and beautiful seaside scenery of Weihai made her fall in love at first sight.Needless to say, “I love Weihai so much” is the mood she most wants to express at the moment.Epidemic situation ended, xiao Qing and boyfriend come out to feel the beauty of Weihai.”This is the city I have lived in for more than 20 years. I love it and wish it well.”I love Weihai so much, if love, love deeply.Jingzi village used to be a fishing village. Now, with the development of The Times, the quaint villages have disappeared and replaced by buildings.Fishermen live in tall buildings, but the seaside landscape remains intact.Uncarved sand beach, all kinds of sand, pebbles are visible;The water is clear and transparent, and the beauty of nature comes between the ebb and flow;In the sunset, fishing boats, sea, beach wall and Weihai blue create a peaceful, warm and quiet world.Now, weihai’s newly emerging Internet celebrities have two standout places: One is The Fire Torch Eight Street, which is famous for rivaling Japan’s Little Kamakura;One is the First World War Chinese industrial Hall, which is popular for its unique architectural style and winding seaside scenery.”I love Weihai so much”, will become the next net red card place?(Text/long River)