Hala jade palace township: sanitation hand in hand civilization heart to heart

2022-05-19 0 By

In order to build a happy, clean, beautiful festival environment, recently, hala jade palace township organized cadres and masses to carry out pre-festival environmental remediation activities.The staff and villagers, some with buckets, some with garbage bags, carefully cleaned up the garbage with shovels, with practical actions to improve the environmental health conditions in the area;At the same time, the cadres also carried out environmental health propaganda to people, hoping to enhance the awareness of environmental protection and care for the home of all the people in the area, consciously standardize civilized behavior and health habits, and further improve the quality of living environment space.O ‘hara jade miyamura yuko villagers to vomit, khan aspen wood, said: “in the village, courtyard, family environment is more and more clean and tidy, the village of environmental health is directly related to our living environment and quality, and also the most can reflect the external image of a place, as a member of the village, there are responsibility and obligation to actively participate in the residential environment improvement.””Through this activity, the environmental health situation of Halayugong Village has been further improved, a new trend of civilization has been advocated, and an example has been set for jointly creating a clean and beautiful, safe and comfortable, harmonious and civilized environment.”Hala Yu Gong village party branch secretary Du Bocheng said.Bargh, generation of village committee director o poor transcribing mehmet said: “the centralized political activity, and improved the environmental sanitation, influence and drive the villagers to enhance the environmental health consciousness, consciously abandon the bad habits and uncivilized behavior, prompting the villagers actively carry out environmental health management, to carry out the” 3 packets “in front of the responsibility system, booster I village sanitation regulation works carried out orderly.”Through the first environmental health a big clean-up, ensure the area clean and tidy, creating a clean, clean, harmonious and civilized living environment and strong festival atmosphere, and at the same time will further enhance the consciousness of civilization, health, environmental protection consciousness of the masses, truly the regulation, clean, beautiful one.(Renaguri Turson, Correspondent)