Zhao Xintong swept Yan Bingtao 9-0 to win!Zhao Xintong won the second championship of the season and many historical records!

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China’s zhao Xintong scored 118, 74, 82, 89, 68 and 68 to clinch a 9-0 victory over China’s Yan Bingtao in the Final round of the German Masters 2022 World Snooker tournament on Sunday.After winning this title, Zhao xintong successfully ushered in the second personal championship of the season and tied with Robertson, meanwhile, Zhao xintong also successfully ushered in the second ranking championship of the season and secured the first place of the season.At the same time, Zhao xintong also set a new record for the shortest time between the first and second snooker titles.Zhao xintong won four straight games to take a 4-0 lead over Yan Bingtao, who was in a slump in the first four games.In the opening game, Zhao took the lead with a 74 to win 91-36 to take a 1-0 lead over Yan.Zhao continued her 2-0 lead over Yan in the second set by winning the match 71-38 through a combination of fragmentary attacking and super precision.In the third set, Zhao finally hit the hot shot, hitting 118 points in one stroke to win the set 130-1 to take a 3-0 lead over Yan.Zhao scored 82 points in the fourth set to win the match 90-4 to take a 4-0 lead over Yan.After losing seven games in a row to fall 7-0 to Zhao in the second half of the first period, Yan picked up his form, but he was still unable to take a set at Zhao’s hands.In the fifth game, Yan bingtao was the first to hit the red ball and made a mistake after 33 points. Zhao xintong hit the red ball and immediately hit the single shot 89 points and won the game 89-33 to take a 5-0 lead over Yan.In the sixth round, Zhao hit a 68 and missed the ball, but Yan took 34 points to give Zhao a chance to attack.Zhao added 30 more points to win the set 98-34 to take a 6-0 lead over Yan.In the seventh game, Zhao hit a 70 to win the match 70-60 to take a 7-0 lead over Yan.After the match, Yan bingtao’s form was completely broken and he could not create any obstacles for Zhao.Going into the eighth set, both Yan and Zhao had a number of chances to win, but Zhao was unstoppable as he won the crucial game 75-26 to take match point 8-0 ahead.In the ninth game, Although Yan still had a chance to take the lead, a crucial mistake cost him a chance to break back and Zhao won the set 63-31 to sweep Yan 9-0 to clinch the trophy.Zhao’s 9-0 sweep of Yan Bingtao also equaled Robertson’s 9-0 sweep of Zhou Yuelong.It is also the first time that Chinese players have played in the final of a national tournament since 2011, and the first time that two Chinese players have played in the final since the 2013 National Championship.After winning this title, Zhao xintong not only refreshed her own record of winning and ranking, but also became the snooker player with the shortest time between first and second championship.From this moment on, Zhao xintong officially announced to the top of the stage, but he is still far from the true great player.I hope he can continue to work hard for greater achievements in his career.