Yang Zi wishes your Majesty to get married. Do you have any other intention?

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What could it mean?Is actually play a terrier, for friends to send a blessing, just don’t know how to pull someone again to Andy’s affair with chun-kai wang, but the relationship between Andy and chun-kai wang, is a good sister, two people in private, but because of the fans before make a little embarrassed, no fans quiet much better after the cooperation.Yang Zi is still single and has no plans to announce her relationship for the time being. After all, her career is still on the rise, and she plays many idol dramas, so there is no love scandal.As for the new series, she still has the puppet. However, the production schedule of this series has been delayed, and even if it finally opens, the budget may be cut some, so it is not too sure at present, and it may not be canceled later.Chun-kai wang let alone, he has no heart feelings now, that he is just like a model in the past two years took a lot of film, “749”, “the door of” rebirth “, “hedgehog” team is pretty good, but too difficult trial, or because the subject problem either because the disease so variable, it’s inside the pressure in the hand,Finally, it was not easy to wait until broken Bridge was approved, and it was directly scheduled to the middle of next year. After sinkhole Falcon, Wang Junkai had no new work for more than two years. He was quite anxious.