The influence ranking of Wechat public account of Gannan government was announced in January

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Government wechat is becoming a new media to release government information, a new platform to provide public services and a new channel to realize the interaction between the government and the people. Its influence, radiation, and role in the modern government governance and play an increasingly larger role.As a result, in March 2019, gannan committee of the communist party of China net letter to do cooperation with customs and data – new media index platform, prefectural government affairs WeChat operation data, background statistics, computation, analysis, calculate the WCI (WeChat influence index), and introduced the gannan government class WeChat list list “in public, comprehensive influence.Tip: If your unit’s official wechat account has not been included or has been closed, please contact us (contact number: 0941-8215571).Let’s take a look at January’s!2022 Gannan Government wechat Ranking (Month) list (January 1 — January 31) wechat ranking ☟☟☟☟☟ Each county and city official government wechat ranking “Zhuoni window” “Weiling City” “micro division” ranked the top three.”Window of Joni” ranked the first place in January with high activity, with a cumulative reading of 64W+, headline reading of 44W+ and WCI of 994.62.Other official wechat accounts of counties and cities can basically maintain a stable frequency of information transmission.Data description: 1. Number of releases/number of articles: the number of releases and the number of published articles within the period of the public account.If the display is 5/10, it means that the public number published 5 times (some accounts can publish many articles), a total of 10 articles.2. Total number of views: the total number of views of all articles published within the period of the official account.3. Headline reading: the total number of headline articles read by the official account within the period.4. Average reading: the average number of all articles read during the period of the official account.5. Total good-looking number: the total good-looking number of all articles in the period of the public account.6.WCI: Reflects the overall popularity of wechat and the development trend of the public account through the spread, coverage, maturity and influence of the wechat public account to push articles.The official wechat of all counties and cities (From January 1 to January 31) contributed 4 hot articles to “Window of Zhuoni”, 3 hot articles to “Weiling City”, 2 hot articles to “Blossom Boat Song” and 1 hot article to “Lintan Release”.In the hot article, the reading volume of “Lintan Release” was the highest, breaking 4.1W+.”Gannan Radio and Television Station”, “Gannan Group” and “Gannan Toutiao” ranked the top three in the wechat list of state-directed departments (units).”Gannan Radio and Television Station” ranked the first place with high activity, the cumulative reading of articles reached 25W+, the reading of headlines reached 14W+ and WCI reached 784.30.Popular articles “Gannan Team”, “Gannan Radio and TV Station”, “Gannan Toutiao” each contributed 3 hot articles, “Focus on Gannan education” contributed 1 hot article.The number of hot articles published by Gannan Group was the highest, with a sudden 3.5W+.The calculation formula of wechat communication Index WCl is as follows: where, R is the total number of all articles (n) read during the evaluation period;Z is the total number of likes for all articles (n) in the evaluation period;D is the number of days in the evaluation period (usually 7 days in a week, 30 days in a month, and 365 days in a year). N is the number of articles posted by the account in the evaluation period.Rmax and Zmax are the highest number of views and likes of the articles posted by the account during the evaluation period.Source: Gannan Headlines