Spring in the Garden: Good times in a meaty sunroom

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Mianyang city, Sichuan Province, five years to read the encyclopedia of succulents article, planning to cast a draft.Can’t write beautiful words, only own leisure time in the sun photos, hope to share with the people who love life to bring this meaty beauty!Coordinates: a small town in Mianyang city, Sichuan Province.Sunset dance, this state is really beautiful!Five years, first time I saw him like this.Look what it looked like before a set of thumb pans Queen Salsa has been with me for eight years.It is the appearance of the two heads separated in the picture above that found the earliest record. It turns out that I was a salsa queen jade cup from such a small belt to the big east cloud, and the color looks good when basking in the sun in winter.The second picture is her photo Venus in 2017. She stayed in the corner of the sun room in my house for two weeks. This lotus has not been changed for five years.This purple cashmere wizard in the attic sun and rain, not much tube, looking through the color.The lotus in the small wooden box is also controlled, with little soil.In the fall of 2021, the medusa has grown into the shape we want and is very beautiful. Guanyin Lotus has been in my family for eight years.Tia has her best color this year, but she still needs direct sunlight.In the autumn of 2021, yanrihui of the woodiness of the pole was pulled into small blossoming and grew into this piece.This is some kind of evergreen grass, FORGET the name, I think it is purple peony.Purple pearl bright white peony, readily break off a leaf can sprout.Millet star first love Zhiluo compose melt melon leaf chrysanthemum zhiluo compose melt big pot sunroom corner flower moonlight night?I don’t know what the name is marcus Medusa red cover wheel, need a little bit of torture, shorten the leaves to look better.Medusa jungle pile, last year into 128 or how much, summer is more beautiful small photo medusa winter appearance witch, just came back more than a week, basked in the sun for a few days color more and more beautiful blue and white porcelain beheading seedling with big Miss Europe, and then also picked the heart, grew into a jungle pile.This medusa grows too slowly. The bright sunshine in the kettle loves to welcome the sun and take pictures. The Master Xiaguang bought it to marry the seedlings, but then the bottom of it actually broke down.Ink-and-wash painting, not quite out of shape, want to take a photo of the white and red covered wheel with wavy edge under the sun, and change the Angle to take a picture of xiaguang and Meiya grafting jungle pile xiaguang and Meiya grafting jungle pile blue apple lime?My fleshy wall the earliest raise fleshy ======== this article is contributed spontaneously by the author and exclusive authorization “fleshy plant encyclopedia”, article content does not represent this number of views and positions!There are not many multifarious shortcut flowers, only the heart!Here is the most authentic meat farmer’s life, share succulent care tips!If you also like succulents, please subscribe to “Succulent Encyclopedia” succulent Encyclopedia — the most influential succulent and gardening we-media in China!Life is not only poetry and distance, but also meaty and dream!If you like it, don’t forget to follow and bookmark it!