“Delayed retirement” will be implemented, give the exact news, these people need to prepare in advance

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“Delay retirement” is about to implement and give accurate information, the kind of person to plan ahead the development of human resources and social security undertakings “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning”, the second part clearly put forward to perfect the social security system, which to design and implement incremental delay retirement age, gradual delay retirement age.However, there is no official proposal to raise the retirement age, and the news of the postponement posted online is just a rumor on the Internet without documentation.It is in everyone’s interest to postpone retirement.Every time this question is mentioned, many civil servants express their preference for delayed retirement despite opposition from the public. This shows that the delayed retirement system should take into account not only the practical difficulties of manual workers, but also the vital interests of intellectual workers.As for the current employment situation, companies are not hiring people over 40, people in their 60s and 70s are now in their 40s and 50s, where are they going to find stable jobs?This is one of the problems with raising the retirement age and will be difficult to implement.Whether we’re in our 60s, 70s or 80s, stop thinking about postponing retirement.Although many developed countries in the world are implementing delayed retirement, but the implementation of delayed retirement needs to be coordinated according to national conditions, not in one step.In fact, deferred replenishment will be a single step.The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has provided the correct answer on delaying retirement.’Raising the retirement age is of vital interest to the general public and is an important social policy that the government takes seriously,’ the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said in response to a statement posted on the government’s website.We need to respect China’s national conditions, take into account the labor market and the public’s acceptance of the retirement age, conduct in-depth studies and demonstrations in light of the actual conditions of various groups, and make steady progress.According to relevant data, under China’s current pension plan, the number of elderly people will reach 248 million, accounting for 17.17 percent of the total population. By 2050, the total elderly population will reach more than 400 million, accounting for more than 30 percent of the total population.Given the pressure on pension payments from an ageing population, a central transfer system has been set up so that national transfers allow pensioners to receive adequate pensions even if pension income does not cover costs in some areas.In terms of labor market conditions, in addition to solving the problem of older workers, there is also a need to ensure that companies take in people who retire late, so late retirement is a very big challenge to labor market conditions and should not be underestimated, otherwise it will cause employment difficulties and many countries will be affected.Judging from the degree of public acceptance, there is no doubt that since the idea of postponing retirement was put forward more than a decade ago, there have been more voices against postponing retirement, so postponing retirement has not been accepted and understood by everyone.Taking into account the actual situation of different groups of people, the current retirement age is very fair and reasonable, not only for men and women, but also related to their personal situation.According to the Interim Measures on the Retirement and Resignation Ages of Workers and the Interim Measures on the Transfer of Old, weak, sick and Disabled Cadres, the statutory retirement age is 60 for men, 55 for cadres and 50 for women workers.In addition, there is not only delayed retirement, but early retirement.If you are an associate or senior technician, you can voluntarily postpone your retirement until you are 60, so you must consider the actual situation of different groups when setting the retirement age.Whether we’re in our 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, we all need to respond appropriately and positively if the retirement age is delayed one day.If we delay retirement, we need to prepare for old age, on the one hand ensuring that our social Security contributions accumulate over 15 years and on the other ensuring good health.Of course, we should have confidence in our country because we intend to achieve a rich society by 2020.We hope that we can take reasonable measures to delay retirement, take care of our health, and one day have a safe old age.